Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cruising the Web

If a Republican had Obama's record of few pardons, deportations of illegal immigrants, crackdown on marijuana growers, and restrictions on Gitmo detainees' access to lawyers liberals would be howling. Should conservatives be praising this severe Obama?

Mark Steyn has found the ideal candidate for Secretary of State.

Obama's NLRB comes out swinging for union thugs who sabotaged the treatment of Alzheimer's and other elderly patients.

Don't hold out any hope for the deal on avoiding the fiscal cliff to involve real cuts in federal spending. We just don't do that in this country. In fact, it's only happened four times in the past 30 years.

Robert Rector explains how new definitions of who is "poor" in this country will automatically increase the poverty rate in the country even "if the real income of every single American were to double overnight.

Stuart Rothenberg explains how celebrities rarely are able to cash in on their celebrity when it comes to winning public office. Ashley Judd should take note.

Charles Murray ponders why more Asian-Americans aren't Republicans.

Do you live in a "death spiral state" where the number of people taking from state government exceeds the number of people gainfully employed in the state? And why would investors want to buy the bonds of such states?

William Jacobson has a devastating answer to the Washington Post's supposition that Republicans oppose Susan Rice as Secretary of State because she is a black woman. He reminds us of how Democrats opposed Condoleezza Rice's nomination and even attacked her because she didn't have any children.

Here is something fun. One of my favorite former Duke players, Kyle Singler shoots some amazing trick shots. I don't know how he did the last one off of a moving car.