Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cruising the Web

Mark Halperin argues that the left is really ahead of the Republicans of using what he calls the "Freak Show" to define any Republican as an idiot unqualified to be president.

Brink Lindsey at CATO takes a whack at Paul Krugman's nostalgic column yearning for the tax rates of the 1950s.

Would nominating Susan Rice really be worth the political capital that Obama would have to spend to get her approved? Is she truly that marvelous? Of course, I fail to see why people think that Hillary Clinton has been such a great Secretary of State. I'm with Ann Althouse - "What are her achievements, if any?"

American defense relies on Israeli technology.

Yes. Let us say farewell to the idiotic Ames Straw Poll. Of course, I wouldn't stop there. I'd like to say farewell to the Iowa caucuses. If they can't hold a regular primary, then our politics shouldn't be influenced by which people can spend a couple of hours talking politics on a snowy Iowa evening in January.

Should our newest health concern be that boys are working out? And is it really Paul Ryan's fault? I wouldn't think that that many boys even know who Paul Ryan is, much less that he is a fan of P90X.

More unintended, but entirely predictable, consequences of Obamacare. And here are some more. Rather than worrying whether politicians know how old the Earth is, why not worry that they don't understand the law of unintended consequences?

When judging charter schools, compare apples to apples.