Monday, November 19, 2012

Cruising the Web

Some lessons for the GOP in appealing to Hispanic voters.

How federalism is the answer to uniting the country. All very relevant and just the topic we're about to study in my AP Government class.

Chris Cilizza has four reasons that the GOP shouldn't be despairing.

So what logic is there behind the EPA denying states waivers on the ethanol requirements?

The top brass in our military live a lifestyle filled with perks.

Just in case you had any doubts of their tactics, a Hamas chief is boasting of using women and the elderly as human shields.

Jazz Shaw demonstrates why the Democrats may be quite happy to go over the fiscal cliff. They figure that the GOP will take the blame and they'll get all that lovely new revenue to spend as well as the defense cuts they've always wanted.

By the way, Ronald Reagan's much-ridiculed idea of missile defense is working. Remember how much ridicule was poured on his idea when he first voiced it and how it is still portrayed contemptuously as Star Wars?

James Capretta and Yuval Levin explain how the nation's 30 GOP governors can disarm Obamacare in a way that the program's authors never seemed to have contemplated.

The CIA and White House still seem to be pointing fingers at each other over Benghazi. Shouldn't there be a paper trail for whatever the CIA issued in its initial briefing memorandum and what the final briefing memo said?

And for local sports fans, here is a depressing look behind the curtain at how UNC Chapel Hill has been shortchanging its athletes by helping them pass classes that the athletes have no ability to do the work. And it seems to have been going on a while for both the football and basketball players. We'll have to see if the NCAA even cares about academic cheating. Of course, the NCAA has demonstrated that it is arbitrary and not as concerned with academic malfeasance as it is with anything that might involve money.