Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cruising the Web

It's quite a shame that we don't have exit polling from Texas. There would have been some interesting data generated.

Andrew Kohut of Pew Research writes of how some are misreading the election results as we ponder the political future of the Republican Party.

Obama's proposal to increase tax rates on those making over $250,000 would accomplish almost nothing towards deficit reduction. The money raised over ten years is less than the sequester planned if no deal is reached. Spending cuts and entitlement reform must be a major part of any proposal.
Yet as President Obama knows, all the higher tax revenue he is asking for would only raise $82 billion a year under the most optimistic circumstances. The deficit last fiscal year was $1.1 trillion, and that's before ObamaCare kicks in and the baby boom cohort keeps retiring. Everyone talks about Republicans and taxes as an obstacle to bipartisanship, but the liberal delusion that entitlements can be financed by taxes alone is something Mr. Obama needs to address if he wants a successful second term.
There could hardly be a worse person to make Secretary of Defense than John Kerry. Such a nomination should be a non-starter for a man who has shown such contempt for the military and knows so little about them. Let's hope that this is one trial balloon that is deservedly shot down.

Jonah Goldberg writes that "it's always Gotterdammerung somewhere on the right."

John Hinderaker makes the case to let all the Bush era tax rates expire. We'd need some real entitlement reform in exchange. Don't count on such a deal.

Yes, incentives and disincentives in policy matter. And the disincentives in Obamacare towards doctors could mean that there will be a looming shortage of doctors. Already it is difficult for Medicare patients to find doctors willing to take them on. What do you think will happen when Obamacare kicks in? Could a law refusing to allow doctors to deny patients based on their type of insurance be far behind?