Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cruising the web

Sean Trende has an interesting explanation of how JFK lost the popular vote in 1960. Notice how the role of historians in how to interpret the screwy vote in Alabama has colored a bit of the history of JFK's presidency ever since. If 1960 were added to 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000 as the years when the man who lost the popular vote went on to be president, it would have been an interesting footnote that would have tarnished that whole Camelot image.

The Democrats show how to take a mildly funny phrasing by Mitt Romney and then beat the joke into the ground. If "binders of women" is the best they've got against Romney followed by Big Bird and Seamus the dog, they've got a pretty pitiful campaign. In fact, the way the Obama campaign is running on what trends on Twitter is what's wrong with politics today, or at least the Obama campaign. When incumbents talk like this, it's a sign of their desperation. And why binders of women should be more of a storyline than the increasingly disturbing news we're getting about the repeated requests for more security in Benghazi and the evidence that the CIA reported within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack shows how puerile the Obama campaign and their media cheering section are.

Peter Kirsanow tells us what is really not optimal. Mitt Romney could take this list and run with it on Monday night. He likes lists. And I'd add in the fact that we've had to listen to Letterman, The View, and Comedy Central in order to hear our president answer questions about the killing of four Americans, including the first ambassador killed since 1979. And many in the media are just fine with that. No wonder that the mother of one of the diplomats killed in Benghazi is furious.

Jay Cost explains where Romney fits in to modern conservatism.

Even those people who support Obama don't know what he'd do in a second term. He's just running on empty and hoping that his aura will bring out enough voters this time. Oh, and of course, he can always demagogue on social issues. That's all he's got. And it might not be enough. This might be where all those scary ads the Obama campaign ran over the summer have backfired. As Allahpundit writes after seeing Obama's 19-point edge among women in Florida deteriorate down to only one point,
There’s your best evidence yet of how useless, and maybe even counterproductive, all the “war on women” crap was. They turned Romney into such a gargoyle over the summer that once women finally got to see him in action at the debate, the scariness seems to have melted away almost instantly.
If Romney wins, political scientists will be rewriting the book on the value of negative and early advertising.

Well, we do know he'd be more "flexible" with Russia. Expect to hear that term in Monday's debate.

James Rosen explains the three timelines we need to learn more about to judge what happened in Benghazi.

In these days when all political junkies have to cling to is poll results, here is some interesting analysis of how Romney is doing better in Ohio than the polls seem to indicate.

An appreciation of George McGovern. They don't make many liberals like that anymore.

Reason rounds up how New York City is abusing eminent domain.

Why Romney's proposed cap on deductions is smart both politically and economically.

Heh. Barack Obama resisted giving women positions when he was the head of the Harvard Law Review. I guess he didn't want to look at binders of women back then.

You know Romney must be doing well when the media starts focusing on Mormonism.

George Allen demonstrates how to go on offense on defense.

Philip Klein tells us how Romney is different from George W. Bush.