Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joe Biden's fantasy life

Jake Tapper reports that Joe Biden "seemed to overstate his role in Social Security reform." And "overstate" he means lied about. Once again Joe Biden is guilty of stretching the truth to make himself look better than his real record. It's a habit with him.

And we can add in another Biden lie about his supposed college football career.
During a campaign stop in Athens, Ohio, on Saturday September 8, Vice President Joe Biden said the last time he was in the town, playing against the Ohio University football team on October 19, 1963, he almost got arrested for walking into a girls’ dormitory.

t’s a good story. It’s just not true… at all.
Shawn at Free Republic discovered that Joe Biden did not play football at the University of Delaware in 1961, 1962, 1963, or 1964, according to past yearbooks.

The 1984 University of Delaware yearbook included an interview with Joe Biden. It’s Biden first ever interview were he talks about his “triple major” ... and playing “intramural football” (flag football). There is no mention about him playing college football.(Links in the original.)
Breitbart has more on the Biden's fantasy football career.
In his September 8 speech, Biden, to set up a story about how he was almost arrested on Ohio University’s campus in 1963, said he came to Ohio University then because “my football team, the University of Delaware, came to avenge a loss” from 1961.
“I came ... I was a football player ... I came here in 1963 ... and we beat you Bobcats, 29-12,” Biden said.
Clearly, Biden was making the audience believe he had played football against Ohio University in 1963.
Reporters at the event thought so as well.
ABC News reported:
On this football Saturday, Biden recounted his first trip to Athens in 1963 when he was playing football at the University of Delaware, declaring, “I still am a football nut.”
Biden said he “went back in the Internet and I just want you to know I came here on October 19, 1963 and we beat you Bobcats 29-12." Internet records do show that Delaware did play and defeat Ohio on October 19, 1963--but that Biden was not on the roster.
John Lott linked to a story from 2008 on Biden arrogant whoppers.
The tape, which was made available by C-SPAN in response to a reporter's request, showed a testy exchange in response to a question about his law school record from a man identified only as ''Frank.'' Mr. Biden looked at his questioner and said: ''I think I have a much higher I.Q. than you do.''

He then went on to say that he ''went to law school on a full academic scholarship - the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship,'' Mr. Biden said. He also said that he ''ended up in the top half'' of his class and won a prize in an international moot court competition. In college, Mr. Biden said in the appearance, he was ''the outstanding student in the political science department'' and ''graduated with three degrees from college.'' Comments on Assertions

In his statement today, Mr. Biden, who attended the Syracuse College of Law and graduated 76th in a class of 85, acknowledged: ''I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inacurate.''

As for receiving three degrees, Mr. Biden said: ''I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science. My reference to degrees at the Claremont event was intended to refer to these majors - I said 'three' and should have said 'two.' '' Mr. Biden received a single B.A. in history and political science.

''With regard to my being the outstanding student in the political science department,'' the statement went on. ''My name was put up for that award by David Ingersoll, who is still at the University of Delaware.''

In the Sunday interview, Mr. Biden said of his claim that he went to school on full academic scholarship: ''My recollection is - and I'd have to confirm this - but I don't recall paying any money to go to law school.'' Newsweek said Mr. Biden had gone to Syracuse ''on half scholarship based on financial need.'' Says He Also Received Grant

In his statement today, Mr. Biden did not directly dispute this, but said he received a scholarship from the Syracuse University College of Law ''based in part on academics'' as well as a grant from the Higher Education Scholarship Fund of the state of Delaware. He said the law school ''arranged for my first year's room and board by placing me as an assistant resident adviser in the undergraduate school.''

As for the moot court competition, Mr. Biden said he had won such a competition, with a partner, in Kingston, Ontario, on Dec. 12, 1967.

Mr. Biden acknowledged that in the testy exchange in New Hampshire, he had lost his temper. ''I exaggerate when I'm angry,'' Mr. Biden said, ''but I've never gone around telling people things that aren't true about me.'' Mr. Biden's questioner had made the query in a mild tone, but provoked an explosive response from Mr. Biden.
And by "exaggerate" Biden really means that he makes up total lies about his biography. Remember this was the guy whose presidential campaign in 1988 was a disaster when it was learned that he'd plagiarized a paper in law school which he tried to excuse that he just didn't know the requirements for footnoting a source that he used five pages from in a paper. Come on! I wouldn't accept that excuse from my high school students much less a law school student.

And then there is, of course, his weird appropriation of not only Neil Kinnock's speech, but his biography, pretending that Biden came from the same coal miner background that he admired from Kinnock's life. As David Greenberg wrote back in 2008, Biden's lies are "unusually creepy."
The only practical explanation for Biden's plagiarism is he guessed that being Kinnock on the stump would be more compelling for his audience than merely citing him. And he was probably right. Anecdotes about how a British politician made a success of himself thanks to Labor Party policies would hardly encourage an American voter to pull the lever for Joe Biden. Biden plagiarized because, like most plagiarists, he was unsatisfied with his own, honest material and decided that the payoff was worth the risk.
Another time-honored defense of plagiarists is that the incident was a one-off. But in Biden's case, we know that's not true. As E.J. Dionne Jr. reported in the previously mentioned Times article, he "plagiarized a law review article for a paper he wrote in his first year at law school" at the Syracuse University College of Law. According to a Dec. 1, 1965, report by the law school, five pages of Biden's 15-page paper were copied without quotation or attribution.
Biden's defense? He told Dionne—and his professors at Syracuse at the time—that he misunderstood citation and footnoting rules. The Dionne piece is especially rich with other Bidenisms. The candidate accuses other presidential campaigns of digging up the Syracuse law school story, but he does not specify which campaigns engineered this smear.

If you give Biden the benefit of the doubt—and I don't—you'd expect that such a calamitous "mistake" from his youth would have seared into his mind the importance of keeping his mitts off of other people's words. That it didn't speaks terabytes about his character.

We all lie to ourselves about who we are. In my head, I replaced Al Kaline in right field, Jonas Salk in the laboratory, and Keith Richards on guitar. But most of us over the age of 12 keep an editor in our minds to prevent us from speaking those lies. If Biden lies with fluidity about the fundamentals of his life, other discoveries must await. But all will not be lost if the Obama-Biden ticket is victorious: Every administration needs a few good liars.
Well, it's four years later and Biden is still lying. And he's still making up stuff about his life as if he still isn't proud enough of his own career that he has to constantly embellish his biography.

And all these lies are nothing compared to the lies that he told in the vice presidential debate. I guess that Greenberg was correct in anticipating how Biden would help the administration by lying. It seems that Obama got just what he needed when he picked ol' Joe.

Of course, Paul Ryan didn't tell the truth about his marathon record so it doesn't matter that Joe Biden lies repeatedly about his career.