Monday, October 08, 2012

Cruising the Web

Obama campaign: all attacks all the time. What else do they have?

For what it's worth: Obama blinked 1,000 times more than Romney during the first debate.

A difficult question to answer: Which Liberal Ex-Reporter is Acting Like a Bigger Jerk?

Ross Douthat postulates that Mitt Romney may be ready to be the leader of the Republican Party. If he wins...

Even Gallup is a BLS stat truther.

Now the Washington Post has a column by William Cohan saying that Romney should be richer and there seems to be something wrong that he's not worth a billion. Doesn't seem to be a problem worth wondering about or publishing a column on. As Ace writes,
There is hackery, there is partisanship, and then there is... this.

This is resplendent.

Congratulations, Washington Post.

You are now officially beyond mockery.
How Barack Obama is like Daffy Duck. Or perhaps he's the Meredith Willson of politics. But I actually liked "The Music Man."
Obama always believes that he is the smartest person in the room. (“I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.”) The realization that he’s not comes as a shock to some on the left. As for the revelatory moment, conservatives can only shrug and say, “It’s about time.”
The left's fury at Obama's debate performance leaves The One with the simultaneous tasks of shoring up his base while trying to appeal to the center. It's a little late in the election cycle to do both.

This is how eager some liberals are to believe the worst of Republicans: they believe a satire site that says that Romney and Republicans in the House want to ban tampons.

If it's okay for Obama to offer a broad tax reform plan without any specifics and not get questioned by the media, why can't Romney do the same?

Even the NYT admits that the increase in voting-by-mail is leading to more voting fraud.

Mickey Kaus notes that the media's eagerness to have more of a horserace and tout a Romney comeback lasted only for about 12 hours.
Why such an evanascent interval of Obama-bashing? Feiler Faster Thesis or Liberal Media Bias? Do I have to pick? You make the call! But imagine if Romney had been ahead and Obama had trounced him in a debate. Would a “How Romney reset his campaign” story have appeared this quickly? Me neither. …
Jim Geraghty explains that it's hard for Obama to go on the attack in debates and maintain his persona as such a likable guy. And he needs to offer a compelling vision for the future while fending off questions of why he hasn't already achieved or at least tried to achieve those goals in his first term.

Governor Susana Martinez steps in when she sees a toddler left alone in a car. It's not quite Cory Booker rescuing people from a burning house, but it's still nice.

I agree - Jim Lehrer did exactly what a moderator should do - stay out of the way and let the candidates discuss issues and question each other. This new format was a big improvement on the previous format where the candidates would have two minutes to try and sum up their views on a complicated issue and the other candidate would have to counter in 30 seconds.

You can watch livestream as a teacher who has been sentenced to come to work but not do anything has set up a blog to demonstrate that he's being paid not to teach despite New York City's claim that they've gotten rid of their infamous rubber rooms.

Poor and middle class hit hardest by Obamacare.

Why has the Obama administration chosen someone who has ranted against Israel as being perhaps behind 9/11 and defended terrorist groups to be our spokesman at an international human rights conference?

Poor John Kerry - now he's being set up as the fall guy for Obama's poor debate performance. His dreams of being the next Secretary of State may be slip-sliding away.

Andrew Stuttaford notes that Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron has hit Swedish schools. It is no longer fair that one school should have a talented cook who bakes fresh bread and offers a tasty veggie buffet because other schools don't have equally talented cook. So the talented cook has been told to stop improving the standard menu even though she isn't spending any more money. No one can have better food unless everyone gets better food.

Just one of the activities that keeps Obama from preparing for debates or meeting foreign leaders: he has to fly out to Hollywood to reassure his celebrity supporters and raise more funds.Let's give him more time to spend with his Hollywood buddies.

Obama is attacking Romney on oil tax break remarks he never made.

Ed Morrissey does a useful job of contrasting how the media played the jobs report on Friday to how they played a similar jobs report from October 2004. Amazingly enough, Obama's jobs report got much more favorable coverage. Who would expect that? Eight years ago John Lott and Kevin Hassett published a story contrasting how the media covered economic news when a Republican is president compared to when a Democrat is president. This last economic report is just more evidence for their study.

This has to be one of the silliest explanations of Romney's win in the debate: he was using "spreading," a debate technique of talking too fast with purposeful lies that the opponent can't answer. Apparently, this makes him like a creationist or something.

John Hawkins details 25 examples of what America would be like if everyone was a liberal. Just think of California and Illinois. Is that what you want for your entire country?

We have become a society increasingly devoted to attempts to "unskew reality."