Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cruising the Web

How Obama's "green energy" policies hurt the poor. They certainly don't benefit from paying more for energy costs which make up a higher percentage of their expenditures.

And here are 10 ways the Obama administration is harming our energy economy.

Byron York advises Mitt Romney to remind people how the President uses the IRS as the enforcer for Obamacare.

Nate Silver envisions the chances for a tie in the Electoral College.

Obama supporters are now push polling in Ohio among Catholics to scare them about Romney's religion by asking "How can you support a 'Mormon' who does not believe in Jesus Christ?" They're also telling people that "President Obama did not support abortion." Apparently, they figure that people missed the entire Democratic convention.

Yesterday was a "horrible no good very bad day" for President Obama.

Nate Cohn is exactly right. Pollsters should stop pretending that they can break out subsamples on the battleground states. It is such lunacy that accounts for the Washington Post using a subsample of only 161 respondents to tell us that Obama was up 11 in the swing states with a margin of error of 8 points.

Chicago needs to spend a billion and a half a year to fix their pension problems.

Josh Barro explains why he likes Romney's idea of capping itemized deductions.

Guess who said it: Obama or Carter.

What a surprise that, as criticism of the Obama administration's actions in Libya, that we are now hearing leaks about secret plans by the administration to widen covert actions in Northern Africa. Just a useful leak to help Obama.

Forbes analyzes how Obamacare is unraveling.

Jay Cost explains why the race has just begun.

Carol Platt Liebau responds to the Obama tumblr on how women should vote for their "lady parts" in this election by reminding us that it was Obama's administration that recommended raising the age for mammogram screening from 40 to 50. "How's that for protecting lady-parts? Don't breasts count, too, Obamaphiles?"

In more reporting from Univision, we now find out that a Mexican cartel boss was captured with weapons from Fast and Furious. Shouldn't we care that there was a U.S. government program that funneled guns into the hands of man responsible for the murders of at least 1,500 people?

Here's a fun drinking game for the debates.