Friday, October 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

No surprise here - it turns out the big move by Gloria Allred to hurt Mitt Romney turns out to be an enormous nothingburger, just as the supposedly big announcement by Donald Trump. Can this be the week when we bury these two blowhards and ignore them from now on?

Rich Lowry is distinctly unimpressed by Obama's glossy pamphlet that supposedly touts his second term agenda.
The pamphlet is quite a comedown for the president. Gone are the days when he was over-promising. Now, he’s trying to cover for his lack of anything new to promise. The Berlin speech in 2008 and the second-term pamphlet are the antipodes of the Obama phenomenon. He has gone from airy and grandiose to airy and picayune in the span of four short years.

A group of Seals say we'll see your politically motivated movie on killing OBL with our own anti-Obama ad.

Bob Krumm has another very perceptive post comparing 2012 to Bush's reelection race in 2004 to explain why Obama is not doing as well as Bush was at this point in the election.

If Romney does win, he'll have up to ten Democratic senators from states that Romney may well win this year. Thus he'll have some room to work with those senators on some grand compromise when it comes to addressing the economy.

Liberals pretend to be so concerned for the poor, but just take a look at the results of their policies and what they've done to the poor in states like Illinois and California. In Illinois, they are paying so much in pensions for public workers that it is estimated that in just five years, "if the projected deficits were paid for by borrowing, debt service costs would grow to consume all sales tax and income tax collections." This is what happens when a state is run for years by Democrats throughout the government. Let it be a warning to the rest of the country.

When Obama talks about Romney's flip-flops, he ignores his own history of flip-flopping.

We may be waiting until Nov. 17 to find out how the vote went in Ohio. What a mess!

I think that, when we look back at this election, we will point to the arrogant smallness of the Obama campaign as a fatal mistake. Or as Peggy Noonan writes, it was illuminating to see the real Obama in the debates.

Spending on White House dinners has soared under Obama. Some of his dinners cost close to $5000 per person.
And for an added bonus there is a whiff of crony capitalism as Obama outsources event planning to a supporter of his rather than using White House staff to plan the events as previous presidents have done.