Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cruising the Web

This is a very good ad. They should edit it down and run it on TV.

CNN reports that US Intelligence believes that some of the Benghazi attackers are connected to al Qaeda in Iraq. Hmmm. Why were they there? They're also in Syria. This region is getting more and more treacherous. No wonder the Obama administration preferred to blame a video.

John Podhoretz notes how scared Obama is about losing Jewish voters.
Obama’s determination to make the case that he is Israel’s closest pal is the most potent sign yet that something significant — and potentially threatening to Obama’s re-election hopes — is going on inside the American Jewish community.
As Podhoretz points out, if Obama drops about 20% of the percentage of Jewish votes that he got in 2008, that could make the difference in some key states and not just Florida. That sort of drop from 2008 could mean 15,000 to 20,000 votes in Ohio. I sure hope that those Ohio Jews see through Obama's name-checking of Israel during the debate.

Ross Douthat writes that the Obama campaign is acting like they're losing by the way their acting by going negative and by how they keep changing their message and try to magnify Romney comments on Big Bird and binders.

Paul Ryan gave a great speech on poverty yesterday in Cleveland. It's as powerful a statement on the conservative vision to help the poor as I've seen.

I see that Obama faced the usually tough questions from Jay Leno.

Joel Pollak has an intriguing chart demonstrating how GDP growth completely leveled off as soon as Obamacare was passed. Barack Obama told the Des Moines Register that he has absolutely no regrets about turning his focus from the economy to push Obamacare. And no regrets about how Obamacare has introduced so much uncertainty into the economy and frozen any economic growth that we might have experienced.

Deroy Murdock reminds us of Mitt Romney's basic decency. I've never heard any similar stories about Barack Obama behaving so generously in private to personally help others in need.

Jon Ralston explains why he thinks that Romney is campaigning in Nevada. He may have a slight chance in Nevada, but the real goal is to help the down-ballot candidates.

Jonah Goldberg explains why early voting actually increases partisanship.

Paul Mirengoff puts forth why this election is more like 1980 than 2004.

Daniel Henninger explains why Obama now has a credibility gap.

The WSJ explains how Obama's approach to foreign policy and military strategy demands a bigger Navy than he's budgeting for.

Mary Katharine Ham explains how the gender gap is about men, not women.