Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cruising the Web

Well, that puts the lie to their original cover story on Benghazi. Official emails show that within two hours after the attack, an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack.

Even Gawker is tired of Obama's shtick. "2008 called. It wants to know what happened to Barack Obama." Well, he never was that guy in the first place.

The White House is denying Bob Woodward's claim that it was the administration who came up with the idea of sequestration despite Obama's statement that it was Congress that came up with it. They're both at fault since both Congress and Obama signed on to it.
“No one thought it would happen. The idea was to design something … that was so onerous that no one would ever let it happen. Of course, it did, because they couldn’t reach agreement,” he said. “They all believed that the supercommittee was going to come up with a $1.2 trillion deficit-reduction plan, so there would be no sequestration. Of course, the supercommittee failed and so the trigger went off, which has all of these very Draconian cuts.”
But how pitiful is it that we're at the state that the government has to pass some god-awful proposal in order to bind their hands to do what everyone knows has to be done in the first place?

Rich Lowry describes how Barack Obama lives in a bubble where people think he's witty and brilliant. His audiences love his cracks at Romney. His jokes amuse my students - that's basically all they can remember from any of the debates. However, it just doesn't play well beyond his base. And that's what makes the difference in a close election.

Victoria Toensing dissects all the lies in how the Lilly Ledbetter case has been portrayed by the Democrats and the media.

Which candidate talks more about the nation's poor? You'd be surprised.

Obama talked during the debate about how the Navy needs submarines and aircraft carriers these days instead of whatever Romney was talking about. However he's been cutting back on the numbers of each compared to what the Navy brass says it needs.

Here is a touching story about how a dying woman was so eager to vote for Mitt Romney. When her son wrote the Romney campaign about his mother, Ann ROmney called to talk to his mother.

Obama is a man full of disdain. That's why the more Americans get to know him the less they like him. And he doesn't seem to like people much either.

This is new Crossroads ad based on the "Dollar Shaved Club" is great.

Residents of Sderot don't appreciate Obama using them as a campaign talking point. Romney forbore to point out that he had also visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum and Sderot just as Obama had.

Obama's real record on Israel should help those who care about Israel's fate to see beyond his smooth-sounding rhetoric in the debate. His coldness to Israel goes much beyond his snubs of Benjamin of Netanyahu.

Josh Jordan aka @Numbersmuncher offers Romney supporters hope in Ohio despite polls showing Obama ahead.

Obama has a Louis XIV complex.

Obama is making phony claims about how many jobs have been created on his watch. He's counting only from March 2012 and ignoring the 4.3 million jobs that were lost in his first year. The only way he can sell himself to Americans these days is to lie about his record and the turn around and lie again about Romney.