Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cruising the Web

Chris Christie takes just a few minutes to just demolish Obama and his claim that you can't change government from the inside.

Think that this campaign is ugly. Well, it has nothing on our first dirty presidential campaign in 1796.

Nancy Pelosi is maneuvering behind the scenes to try to block Steny Hoyer's rising to leadership against her.

Leaders around the world are just waking up to the idea that Obama might not win this election.

Just in case you doubted that Obama went on an apology tour, here are some clips from that tour.

Josh Jordan takes down "Nate Silver's Flawed Model." Basically Silver underweighs polls that are good for Romney and overweighs those that are good for Obama.

Slate is right there to ell us all the ways that our military still uses bayonets today.

Thomas Sowell asks if there is anything that Obama hasn't deceived us about?

Awww. One of Romney's grandsons asked Obama "What do you have against my granddad?"

Obama's advisers are already backpedaling on Obama's statement that sequestration won't happen.