Monday, October 22, 2012

Cruising the web

Bruce McQuain makes the argument that the preference cascade in favor of Romney has already begun. Note especially his list of reasons why anyone who cares about the fate of Israel should vote against Obama. It's a list that Romney would do well to list in the debate. It's quite devastating how Obama has gone out of his way to insult Netanyahu yet curry favor with those in the reasons who want to destroy Israel.

This is not how winners campaign.

Robert Samuelson explains the incentives within Obamacare for employers to change full-time employees into part-time employees - exactly not what we want as we try to recover from the recession.

Of course, one Time writer thinks that the "binders of women" comment reminds women of guys looking at porn magazines or something. And she finds it insulting that Romney would talk about working women who wanted to rush home to be there when the kids came home from school or to make dinner. What she misses is that there are lot of women out there who liked what Romney was saying about flex time for women and didn't care what he thought women did with their flex time but that he arranged for them to have it.

Irwin Stelzer has some fun with how the NYT reported on last week's debate and was able to read much from the gaze of Romney and Obama.

Instead of worrying about all these non-issues, how about a real issue that will be affecting many, especially in blue states, when their public pension programs run out of money.

Can you imagine the cries of racism and questioning our patriotism if a Republican said that Barack Obama is "not one of us." even some members of the media are pretty disgusted.

A good question: Why would anyone believe Obama will focus on jobs in a second term?

John Hawkins highlights the seven most trivial campaign issues that Obama has embraced. You wouldn't think our nation was facing any problems if this is what the Obama campaign keeps talking about. Along the same lines, here is a list of five ridiculous things Obama cares about.

Oh, this should kill Romney's electoral chances. Not only doesn't he swear, but he uses words like "smitten" to talk about how he felt when he first met his future wife. Gosh. We can't have someone in the Oval Office who doesn't swear up a storm, can we? And think how uncomfortable that would make everyone else around him. Definitely a vote-killer there.

Stephen Hayes has a devastating article on how the administration is hoping to write al Qaeda out of the Benghazi story so that they can continue claiming that Obama has decimated al Qaeda. Meanwhile John McCormack has a question we still haven't heard the answer to - when did the President first learn that the assault on Benghazi was a pre-planned terrorist attack and not a spontaneous uprising about some video? Was it before or after he spent a week on pop culture shows saying that he didn't know or when he went before the UN and spent a lot of his time talking about how America rejects such video insults to religion?

If Bob Shieffer is stuck for questions to ask in the debate, here are 20 questions on Libya that the President hasn't yet answered in his talks with David Letterman, the ladies on The View, or Jon Stewart.

So surprising that the Holder Justice Department is doing little to make sure local election officials are fulfilling their legal responsibilities to mail out ballots to those in the military serving overseas.

A former secretary of the Air Force refutes the nonsense Joe Biden was spouting in his debate that it didn't matter if Iran got fissile material because they lacked a delivery system.

Josh Jordan peers into the newest polls from Ohio and finds a lot of good news for Romney even though the polls show the race about tied there. They're oversampling Democrats and Romney has a good lead among independents there.

Lots of scandal and sex in San Fernando's city government.

Apparently, Mitt Romney's biggest weakness as an executive was his reluctance to fire people.

What a stupid story from NPR on dopey metaphors that one could use for this campaign - all of which make Obama look good and Romney look bad.

Here's an image I bet you never had: Justices Scalia and Kagan going antelope hunting together. Justice Kagan talks to University of Tennessee students and admits that she probably wouldn't have been nominated if she hadn't been a woman. Ya think?

For tonight, these are the topics that Bob Schieffer has selected for the debate.
* America’s role in the world
* Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan
* Red Lines – Israel and Iran
* The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I
* The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II
* The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World
These were selected 10 days ago so they might have changed.

Oh, of course. Obama will go on Leno on Wednesday. Anything to avoid questions from someone who is not a pop figure.

Colleges that host debates like tiny Lynn College in Boca Raton which is hosting the foreign policy debate have to really put a lot into their bid to host the debate.