Friday, October 19, 2012

Cruising the Web

xkcd nails all the things that have never happened in American election history until it happens.

Obama doubled down on his disastrous green energy policies. He totally ignored what a failure those policies have been.

Just in time for the foreign policy debate is a report from the Congressional Research Service that economic sanctions on Iran have failed.

Jim Geraghty says just what I believe: a politician "taking responsibility" means nothing if nothing changes.
n recent years, we’ve seen a new approach; it’s become the new standard of the Obama administration — the loud proclamation of three powerful words: “I take responsibility.”

‘Responsibility’ means nothing to worry about: President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at a basketball game in Washington.
The catch? Afterward, nothing really changes. It’s the appearance of accountability, without all the complications and headaches of actual responsibility.

When you or I take responsibility for a mistake, we take action to fix it. We apologize for bad judgment, re-examine our conduct and consider what to do differently next time. People may get demoted or lose jobs, if the consequences are severe enough.

That’s not how politicians use the term “taking responsibility.”
Geraghty has a whole long list of people in the Obama administration, including Obama, "taking responsibility" and then continuing on with the same people and similar policies.

If you care at all about Israel, the choice in this election is a no-brainer.

Obama can't defend the math of his own deficit plan.

Applebee's and Jimmy John's warn employees that Obamacare taxes will lead to cutting their numbers of employees.

Let's not forget how comfy lobbyists have gotten in the Obama White House.

Michelle Obama might think that we're in the midst of a "huge recovery." Er, no. This is what a huge recovery looks like.

Jonah Goldberg ponders how liberals interpret Catholicism.

For once I agree with someone at Daily Kos. It is penny wise and pound foolish to cut out exit polling in states deemed non-competitive. I'd add in that we use exit polls to examine the state of the electorate at large and like to compare across years and now we will no longer be able to do that.