Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cruising the Web

Liberals seem to think that, if they can make snarky comments on the internet about "binders of women," then their guy clearly won. They're as misguided on that as they were about Big Bird. How do they think that executives find women to offer jobs to when they're pressed to hire more women They get resumes in folders or binders. so the phrasing is slightly humorous, but it's totally irrelevant. One woman whom Romney hired through reading her resume in what of those binders was totally happy to have gotten the job and didn't give a hoot about the remark. If all they liberals have to talk about after the debate is "binders of women" they Mitt Romney did even better than his campaign might have thought. As one female commentator at Slate who doesn't support Romney or Ryan at all writes, this is exactly what employers should do to hire more women.
In a rush to discredit Romney’s position entirely, commenters are strangely spinning his underlying point—when female candidates don’t apply for jobs, employers should find them, and hire them about half the time—as somehow anti-feminist.
As Jim Geraghty writes,
How many women are going to hear the “binders full of women” anecdote and feel worse about Romney? How many will feel better and wish their boss had the same attitudes?

(Particularly if that boss ran a “hostile workplace,” as Obama’s former communications director, Anita Dunn, described the White House.)

Romney’s lucky. The only way the Democrats post-game focus could go better for him is if they try “Big Bird” again.
And what is Obama talking about today? Binders and wind energy. Apparently, Obama thinks that the job for women is to be a teacher. As a teacher, I don't find anything wrong with that, but is that what feminists are talking about when they make their phony complaints about women earning less than men? Ace contrasts what Obama is running on with what Romney is running on.
Battleground Watch notes all the journalists who have been commenting on how Obama doesn't have an agenda for a second term. No wonder Obama has to talk about binders and wind energy.

Oh, and Obama was just wrong on his characterizations Romney's position on the Arizona immigration law. If we followed the Democrats' MO, we should be shouting "Obama lied" from the rooftops. Well, it's an option.

Another misstatement by Obama was how he characterized the Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire decision.

So President Obama admitted to the guy who questioned him at the debate about Libya that he had been misleading the public about the Benghazi attack being a terrorist attack. Apparently, he wanted to get this story out but didn't see fit to tell the TV audience his newest excuse. As James Taranto writes,
So the administration spent two weeks giving out disinformation in order to avoid giving out disinformation?

Here is Biden's ridiculous response to Norah O'Donnell's question if he should have been told about the request for extra security at the Benghazi consulate is "Well, I'm not going to speculate about that." Huh? Shouldn't that be the kind of thing that the President and his NSC including the VP should be told about? Libya is, after all, one of Obama's main foreign policy initiatives. An if there are threats to our diplomats there, shouldn't that be included in a daily security briefing? And shouldn't they be ticked off if it wasn't?

Watch the ad that Tammy Baldwin, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Wisconsin, tried to get spiked.

K. C. Johnson laments what has become of U.S. history taught in college today.

Peter Kirsanow explains why Romney won the debate.
Obama can’t win with a campaign that’s been reduced to “Romney’s rich and I’m not comatose.” His arguments persuaded no one but those set to vote for him anyway. And the polls show that that’s no more than 46–48 percent of voters.
Gosh, I hope he's right.

Iowa voters apologize for voting for Obama in 2008. I hope that there are a lot of them out there. It's become quite a common observation.

These are the sorts of undecided voters who will swing the election. It shows why flash polls, particularly of undecided voters, are so questionable.