Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cruising the Web

The testimony of the Obama administration figures yesterday that they'd provided the "appropriate" level of security in Benghazi despite all the warnings and previous attacks on foreigners in Libya was truly astounding. More than that, it was disgusting.

Katrinka Trinko has a good round-up of the revelations from yesterday's hearing.

Check out this map from the New York Times rating congressional races. It's a pretty stark contrast once you fill in the red and blue.

Jay Cost notes that Gallup seems to have changed their methodology in the past week to poll more cell phone users, now setting 50% of their interviews for cell phones and 50% for landline phones. As Cost writes, it is problematic to make such a change in the last weeks of the election without showing people how it changes their results. They could give results with the change and without the change. This change probably accounts for the higher approval numbers for Obama in their poll than from before the change.

One good reason to end racial preferences is how they harm recipients by putting them in universities for which they're not prepared.

Jim Lehrer's conduct during the debate was exactly what the Commission on Presidential Debates wanted. That is how they decided to conduct the debates this time to have more of a conversation between the candidates with the moderator's job to be simply to facilitate that conversation and otherwise have minimal interference. So liberals can stop blaming him for his debate moderation for not protecting their guy from his own inadequacies.

Robert Samuelson debunks the $5 trillion tax cut accusation that the Obama campaign has been hurling at Romney. In fact, the Obama campaign has already conceded four-fifths of that five trillion.

Daniel Foster reminds us of Joe Biden's 30-year history of being wrong on foreign policy.

Erick Erickson explains the "herd mentality, group think, and incestuous relationship" between the media, power, and D.C. politicians.

Battleground Watch takes on the newest NBC/WSJ/Marist poll that has a +11 Democratic sample to find a +6 lead for Obama in Ohio.

Some Democrats running for the Senate in red states are demurring when asked if they'd vote for Harry Reid for Majority Leader. Don't believe them. If elected, they'll fall in line and vote for Reid.

Explaining why the Romney/Ryan plan to block grant Medicaid to the states is the right policy.