Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogging the VP debate

9:10 Why is Biden laughing and saying that Ryan's very true summary of what happened in Libya. And notice how Biden quickly moved away from what happened in Libya to talking about Bin Laden? And talking about how we pull together as a nation is not quite how the Democrats behaved when Bush was president. Biden really didn't answer the failure of security in Libya. And Romney's statement on the attacks on our embassy in Cairo was before we knew about Stevens' death. And he didn't answer the fact that the administration had been asked for more security in Benghazi and turned it down

9:11 Asking if we should apologize for Marines urinating on corpses - that's an easy one and Ryan handled that quite well.

9:16 Good recitation of what the Iranians see from what this administration has done. When Raddatz interrupts Ryan's list of what this administration has done wrong in foreign policy to ask Ryan what Romney would do.

9:18 How rude of Biden to call Netanyahu in a debate "Bibi" as if they're old pals.
I guess the advice to Biden was to interrupt Ryan when he's talking. He comes off as condescending and self-involved. They're talking about the most serious question of our time and he's giggling and downplaying the seriousness. And he's the one who is supposed to be great pals with Bibi?

I just remembered to watch this on CNN to see the focus group line's go up and down.

9:21 What's worse: another war in the Middle East and a nuclear Iran? It's not a question of continuing sanctions - they're not working. Iran is still proceeding on their way to get a nuclear capability. Notice how Biden avoided answering that question and just said that war was bad and a last resort. Do we really want to trust Biden's word that Iran is nowhere near getting nukes?

9:24 Biden gets his rant in on Romney with a whole boatload of every line that they wished Obama had said last week.

9:25 How obnoxious Biden is to keep interrupting Ryan and to giggle when they're talking about serious issues.

9:26 "This is not what a real recovery looks like." Good. Now connect Obama's policies to what is stalling our economy.

9:27 Nice of Ryan to tell the story about Romney helping a family.

9:28 Great line about the 47% line - that Biden knows that words come out of your mouth not the way you mean them. How about when he said that the middle class has been buried for the past four years.

9:30 Yes! Talk about how Obama had one-party control when he came in. Let's hear about what a failure the stimulus has been.

9:31 That patronizing tone of Biden is so off-putting. The focus group doesn't like it.

9:32 Was it a good idea to borrow money to spend on electric cars in Finland? And now Biden is citing Moody's. Isn't this the only administration which saw our economy being downgraded.

9:34 Good for Ryan to talk about why he will not violate the promises made to people for Medicare and Social Security yet we have the need to reform these programs. IPAB!

9:35 Ryan is on his home turf talking about their plans to reform Medicare. Meanwhile Biden is still smirking and laughing as if this was all a joke.

9:36 Biden makes a totally unrelated joke about Sarah Palin but doesn't answer the criticism. And she didn't say that in the VP debate four years ago - Obamacare and the IPAB didn't exist then.

9:39 Good for Ryan to tell Smiling Joe to stop interrupting him.

9:39 Biden denies that Wyden worked with Ryan to come up with the plan.

9:41 I bet liberals love Biden being aggressive and rudely interrupting Ryan. But I bet it doesn't appeal to those in the middle - the people who gave Romney the highest rating when he talked about bipartisanship. I don't think they'll like obnoxious Joe. He's too much like Al Gore in 2000 rudely sighing whenever Bush was talking.

9:43 Piers Morgan has some good advice for Joe Biden: Stop smirking. Is that what they told him to do during debate prep?

9:46 Ryan is cool and collected next to Smiling Joe. Good point that they can't get the money they need even if they took everything from rich people - there aren't enough rich people to tax to pay for all their spending.

9:47 Now Ryan is hitting it out of the park on taxes. Clear, understandable, and devastating. It's his best answer yet.

9:48 Good for Ryan to refer to what Reagan did. Romney's plan follows the same logic of what we did in 1986.

9:51 Gosh Biden is so dang annoying! JFK did propose lower tax rates and LBJ got it through - Biden just is too dumb to know his history.

9:52 Clearly, the Ryan folk know to keep stroking those bipartisan erogenous zones.

9:53 Biden calling Ryan "my friend" is so patronizing and irritating.

9:54 I wonder if Ted Olson in their practice debates did the Joe Biden interrupting shtick.

10:04 Good question finally for Biden - why did they withdraw the surge forces before the military wanted them to be withdrawn.

10:07 Biden trumpets the trained Afghan troops. Are those the same ones killing our troops?

10:10 Biden laughs about a nuclear Iran. He laughs about unemployment, Medicare going broke, Afghanistan, Syria. What won't he laugh about?

10:14 Ah, the Catholic question and abortion. Why bring religion into it?

10:16 Ryan's answer on abortion is very good. And good for him to bring in the Obama administration positions on abortion and Catholic charities. And nice to bring in Biden's scandalous refusal to say anything to criticize China's one-child policy.

I notice that the undecided focus group people didn't like Ryan's answer but love Biden's. Oh well.

Biden's position doesn't make any sense. He says he believes that life begins at conception but he doesn't mind other people having abortions. Would he say the same thing about a murder - that he's against it but wouldn't impose his beliefs. The two principles are in contradiction.

10:20 Oh, bull - that the Obama administration didn't have a litmus test on abortion. They knew exactly how their nominees would vote on abortion.

10:22 Biden says it's an abomination for people to say negative things about their opponents. I guess he didn't think saying that Romney would put his audience back in chains as a negative.

10:23 Ryan is exactly right - if you don't have a record to run on, you just attack. Ryan is now going into all the points he's practiced.

10:25 I love how both Biden and Ryan turned the question about negativity into attacks on each other. Serves her right for a dumb question.

10:27 Blech! What a stupid question.

10:30 Good closing by Ryan. A stagnant economy that creates more dependency or one that will build a dynamic growing economy.

A lot of conservatives on Twitter think the debate was a draw or that Ryan was weakened by letting Biden be so overbearing. My prediction is that a lot of the talk in the coming days will be about Biden's demeanor and smirking and that will overshadow the content of the debate.