Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Blogging the Debate

9:05 Does anyone buy Obama's love message to his wife on their anniversary? As if they hadn't seen each other before the debate for him to give her his private love message.

9:06 Is anything that Obama said about creating jobs different from what he promised four years ago.

9:07 I'm sure Romney also had his Obama anniversary message prepared.

9:08 Romney has his set points about how he knows how to create jobs - he's said that in every debate over the past year. He needs to say more than his bullet points.

9:08 "Trickle-down government." Exactly what we've seen from this administration.

9:10 How will Race to the Top do anything to decrease unemployment?

9:11 "Investments." In English that means government spending.

9:11 Good response from Romney to challenge Obama's mischaracterization of his plan and then come back on what Obama hasn't succeeded in doing in the past 3 1/2 years.

9:12 Oh, I love Romney pointing out that we have 47 training programs. Every politician loves creating such programs.

9:13 Yes, indeed Obama has been blocking development of the energy industry in our country.

9:14 Yup, the Vice President has told us how the middle class has been buried for the past four years.

9:14 Were those tax cuts really enough for someone to buy a new car?

9:16 Slash - everything Obama just said is false. Cute to compare Obama's lies to how boys lie and keep repeating it.

9:18 good for Romney to explain the importance of lowering the rate.

9:19 How is Obama going to help small businesses if he wants to raise taxes that will affect small businesses.

9:20 James Pethokoukis links to the evidence on how Obama's budget deficits would mean $4,00- a year middle-class tax hike.

9:21 Good on Romney to explain that those small businesses that would be affected are the ones that employ the most people. And using the personal examples is a good tactic.

9:23 Obama begs to move on to another topic and then repeats his talking points.

9:23 Since when is Obama worried about military spending?

9:24 Romney insists on last word and gets it. #Presidential

9:25 Oooh facts on Obama's record. That's just not fair, Mitt.

9:26 The deficit is also a moral issue. Hell, yeah!

9:27 Simple test: is it worth borrowing money from China to pay for it? A nice way to put it. Though we're not going to balance the budget by cutting PBS. Entitlements, anyone?

9:29 Does anyone buy Obama's BS on how he's cut spending? Notice that Obama's big plan is to raise taxes.

9:30 It's real chutzpah of Obama to give a shout out to the Simpson-Bowles plan when Obama did nothing to support it.

9:32 "You've been president for four years." Yes, indeed. Obama seems to want to run as the challenger. Good for Romney to remind us that Obama said it was a bad idea to raise taxes when the economy is slow.

9:33 More revenue by getting people to work more. And cheers for pointing out that we don't balance budgets by raising taxes just like Spain.

Jonah Goldberg: "When does Mitt take out a bag with "Obama's lunch" written on it and start eating out of it?"

9:35 Taxing corporate jets - does anyone remember when the Democrats raised taxes on yachts? All it did was put workers for yacht-makers out of work.

9:37 Hasn't Obama been president for the past 3 1/2 years with overwhelming majorities in Congress for two years? Why didn't he fix any of these problems he's now complaining about?

I just realized that CNN has a tracker to show how undecided voters are responding. Fun.

9:40 Oh, Obama's playing the Grandma card. Is that the one he threw under the buss for her racist attitudes? But the undecided women on CNN like the Grandma card.

9:42 If I were a student sitting in Professor Obama's class and he started in with the um's and ah's and the pedantic tone of his voice.

9:43 Yup, Obama is cutting money from Medicare for today's seniors. Slash.

9:46 Oh, AARP likes Obamacare. Ooooh. Let's all shut up now. AARP, which will make money off the program, has spoken.

9:52 Romney could have brought up IPAB. And he needs to point out that Medicare is fis heading off the cliff.

9:56 "Unintended consequences" are the surefire byproduct of most government regulations. Good for Romney to explain what is wrong with Dodd Frank, though I wonder how many viewers know what that is.

9:57 The split screen doesn't help Obama. He's having a hard time hiding the smug.

9:58 Great answer by Romney on what is wrong with Obamacare.

10:02 Good defense of Romneycare. Independents will love references to bipartisanship.

10:04 Obama seems to be missing his teleprompter. Romney is much smoother.

10:04 Does anyone believe that Obamacare was a bipartisan idea? Please.

10:05 There's a big difference between what the Cleveland Clinic does voluntarily and what IPAB will do.

10:07 I would have thought Obama would have been stronger and smoother on Obamacare since he knew this would come up.

10:08 Yes, sir! The government never brings down the cost of anything. Use the private market. Just like the Cleveland Clinic. Exactly!

Even Obama's palace guard is dismayed at Obama's performance.

10:12 Mitt Romney sure mows over Jim Lehrer.

10:15 Always good to name-check Lincoln. Of course, he had a Congress where over half the Democrats had walked out.

And does anyone think we could build a Transcontinental Railroad today? The environmentalists would make sure we never drove in that golden spike.

10:16 The federal government shouldn't be paying for teachers. Romney is right that it's up to the local school districts and states.

10:18 Lovely to refer to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. All those tea partiers wondering if they want Romney now heave a sigh of relief.

10:19 Great answer from Romney on the role of government.

10:20 Budgets reflect choices. They sure do. And Obama always chooses to expand the role of the federal government.

10:23 Obama entitled to own airplane and house, but not his own facts. I guess that was the zinger they had ready.

10:24 Good point that money spent on green energy would have hired 2 million teachers.

10:25 Jim Lehrer moderates this debate like a replacement ref.

Poor Bill Maher. He can't spin this for Obama: "Obama's not looking like he came for a job interview, Romney so far does"

10:28 Obama gets in his bin Laden reference.

10:29 When has Obama ever said no to the extreme parts of his party?

10:30 I guess that debate prep was too much of a drag for Obama to actually benefit from. Or maybe it's all John Kerry's fault.

Will the media even be able to spin this for Obama? Gosh knows, they're going to try.

How nice not to hear the audience during the debate.

Remember that first 1984 debate when people thought Reagan had shown his age. Tonight, Obama was the one who seemed old and busted.

Let's see this Romney the rest of the campaign. I think people will be surprised on how well Romney did.

Now we know why the Obama camp was so ridiculously lowering expectations. I guess they must have known that their guy wasn't going to bring it.