Monday, September 03, 2012

The supposed party of new ideas

President Obama has been out there bashing the Republican convention as not having presented new ideas. Of course, then they turn around and bash Paul Ryan for his radical plan to reform Medicare. I don't know how you can be radical and still not have any new ideas, but that's the accusation. Obama even said that we could have watched the convention in black and white it was such a throwback. See the Democrats can say things like that. It would be a racist dog whistle if Republicans said that.

So what are the new ideas that the Democrats are putting forth? The RNC has a great ad juxtaposing how Obama is saying the exact same things he did four years ago.
The party of new ideas? Sure.

UPDATE: Kate Hicks makes the wonderful connection between the RNC ad and this fabulous collection of "Sorkinisms" demonstrating how Aaron Sorkin tends to recycle the same lines over and over.
Somehow, recycled lines just don't have the same oomph the second time around. Kind of like recycled hope and change.