Monday, September 03, 2012

Oh, please! Don't hide behind your children

CNN will be airing an interview with President Obama in which he pushes back against criticism that he hasn't done enough to work with Congress, Obama excuses himself by saying that he was just spending time with his daughters.
“Sometimes Michelle and I not doing the circuit, going out to dinners with folks is perceived as us being cool -- it actually has to do with us being parents,” said Obama to CNN. “When we’re in town here in Washington, in the evenings, 6:30 we want to be at the dinner table with our kids and I want to be helping with the homework and I think that’s sometimes interpreted as me not wanting to be out there slapping backs and wheeling and dealing.”
Oh, gag! As if all the work of meeting with political opponents has to be done at parties. Or as if Obama doesn't spend a whole lot of time away from his daughters while he is attending more fundraisers than any other sitting president. Or as if he hasn't found time away from his daughters while he's been out playing golf.

Playing the involved daddy card just so reeks of Obama's scraping the barrel of his excuses. Does anyone believe this garbage?