Friday, September 07, 2012

Cruising the Web

IBD analyzes the lies behind Obama's campaign. Tax cuts didn't cause the economic collapse. They didn't cause the housing bubble. Actually, Bill Clinton's policies had something to do with that, but no one wants to talk about that. It's also a lie that Obama's policies stopped another depression. Recovery started early in Obama's presidency before the stimulus had even taken effect. It was Obama's policies that have retarded that recovery.

John Podhoretz is surprised that Obama chose his speech last night to make the same arguments that haven't been working for him already for two years and haven't won him additional support.

If Democratic delegates thought that they were getting railroaded in the vote over reinserting God and Jerusalem into their platform, they're right. The teleprompter was already programmed with the language to announce a two-thirds majority even before they voted.

The administration is supposed to release a report this week on what sequestration cuts to defense they would make if no agreement is reached to forestall sequestration. Will that be another late Friday news dump?

Clinton's fairy tales about Obama's work requirements changes to welfare.

Even if Obama wins reelection, he's facing a much more conservative Congress than he faced in his first term. How does he propose to achieve cooperation better in his second term than his first?

Kimberley Strassel looks at how bad Obama has been at building up the Democratic Party. He's been shrinking the big tent that was built up in 2006. And who were the great rising stars of the party given a big stage at their convention?
The real story of the Obama presidency is the degree to which he has pushed his party back toward its coastal and urban strongholds.

All this was vividly on display in Charlotte this week. While the party's most vulnerable members aren't in outright mutiny against Mr. Obama, more than two dozen didn't risk attending the convention. In contrast to last week's GOP celebration of reformist GOP governors, the Charlotte podium was largely dominated by activists (Sandra Fluke, Lilly Ledbetter), the liberal congressional faithful (Mrs. Pelosi, Harry Reid), and urban mayors from failing states (Los Angeles's Antonio Villaraigosa, Chicago's Rahm Emanuel).

While the GOP has feted its upcoming stars—including minority governors like New Mexico's Susana Martinez and Louisiana's Bobby Jindal—the president has done little to nurture his down-ballot partners. Where is the next generation of Democrats?

That voice vote at the convention to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel doesn't seem to have made a difference at the State Department.

For Obama, "moving forward" means that he's recycling promises that he made in 2008.