Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cruising the Web

College Insurrection notes that Robert Gibbs has figured out whom to blame for Obama's declining numbers with college students. Apparently, that too is Bush's fault.

Can the media handle the truth? They're still in major Obamamania mode.

Funny how Democrats are given slack when it comes to racist dog whistles. Jay Nordlinger has quite a few examples of statements by Democrats that are given a total pass because they don't have the "Scarlet R."

This is how hard it is to make fun of Obama:
Even now, Mr. Downey of "SNL" says, "Obama doesn't give you much to grab onto. He's like a smooth rock face of perfect obsidian with no ledges or toeholds, and your job is to scale 200 feet of it."

That's why the GOP convention was so different - people ridiculed Obama over and over. Obama is just not used to that.

Now Obama is appealing to the stoner vote.

Newest accusation against Paul Ryan - he's not a good Catholic. Funny how religion is only used against a Republican candidate and never a Democrat.

Timothy P. Carney has pegged the President's M.O.
Obama’s pattern is this: Make a promise; break the promise; insist that you’ve kept the promise, and hope the press gives you a free pass. When called out, resort to absurd word parsing. This is how Obama campaigns, and it is how he governs.

Some Democrats are complaining about how Obama thinks this election is all about him and isn't willing to do enough to help other Democrats. They'll just have to get used to Obama doing little to help them win their congressional races. He doesn't raise money for them or mention them much at rallies or invite them up on stage. It's all about him all the time.

John Hawkins has 25 questions wondering "What the Hell has Happened to America?"

Another sign of the hope and change that the Democrats are trying to convince us is better now than four years ago.

Ryan Lizza has a long profile of those frenemies, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. I don't think that Bill will say anything to harm Obama's reelection hopes. He knows that that would rebound to hurt his reputation and any hopes that Hillary might have for 2016 if he's viewed as sabotaging Obama. But when all the talk about Bill's speech revolves on their poor relationship, will people believe him when he praises Obama? Clinton should stick to bashing Romney since Clinton has always been good at bashing Republicans. But I don't know if Clinton wants to embrace the attack dog role. He likes being regarded as a grand old statesman and getting down in the dirt to attack Republicans would harm his reputation.

Can you imagine a similar anecdote about Bill Clinton or Barack Obama as this one about when Romney was heading up the Olympics.
Flying a plane to the United States in 2002, Romney and an IOC official argued over who would carry the Olympic flame onto American soil: Romney or six-time gold medalist Bonnie Blair.

Traditionally, the CEO of the current Olympic Planning Committee was supposed to have the honors, but Romney wanted Blair to do it. The relay was supposed to be about heroes, and Romney wanted Blair and her mother to be the first off the plane carrying the torch, with Romney walking behind them. But the IOC member wouldn’t budge and after arguing for a while, Gillespie, who was on the plane as well, recalls that Romney abruptly ended the conversation, saying, “Okay, fine,” and walked away.

The plane landed at the airport and the group positioned itself near the plane doors, as photographers and the press waited for them on the tarmac.

“There’s Mitt holding the little lantern with Bonnie and her mom behind him and the doors open, and, as those doors open, he steps back to the side and hands Bonnie the lantern, pushes them out in front of him, and they went down the stairs.”

Reason reminds us of five "stupid government interventions in sports." Boy, are politicians dumb when they want to grandstand and get some PR.

Sure, this is what the self-proclaimed party of women thinks of women. The Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh has had to apologize for saying that Scott Brown was trying to be "an honorary girl" by running an ad showing him folding laundry.

Rick Klein of ABC has a column about the challenges that Obama faces on the eve of the Democratic convention. He points out that the Republicans have a powerful argument when they speak to people's disappointment with Obama:
It’s why Paul Ryan’s apocryphal story of the 20-something living back home with his parents, staring at a faded Obama ’08 poster, stands as the most enduring image of last week, this side of Clint Eastwood’s empty chair.
"Apocryphal"!? Could Rick Klein not understand the use of a visual image as a metaphor? Metaphors don't have to be realistic and thus can't be apocryphal. I guess we'll next be seeing a factchecking article telling us that the posters aren't really faded. Sheesh!

This is what Joe Klein is reduced to - recommending that Obama should start playing the race card. And Obama might not play the race card much, but all his courtiers in the Democratic Party and the media are happy to play it for him.

So Ann Romney apparently snubbed Vogue Magazine. That's just too bad for Anna Wintour.

Here's a rather cool visualization of commentary on social media reacting to the most memorable GOP convention moments.

Where do teachers get the idea that they can tell students not to wear rosaries in class? Perhaps in the midst of all those useless education classes, they can have a lesson on the First Amendment.

How rich people think differently. That's what helps them get rich in the first place.

The Obama campaign is secretly pretty dang confident of victory.

Tim Carney checks out the crony capitalism exemplified in the DNC goody bag. I wonder what was in the GOP goody bag.

Why are Democrats in New York covering up one of their guy's sexual harassment of staffers?

The Democrats haven't lost their creepy idolizing attitude about the Obamas. Dave Weigel of Slate looks at the 2013 Obama calendar for sale at the convention. Here is the picture for August.
How creepy can they get?


stan said...


3 months ago I speculated that BO looked to be the type of person likely to meltdown if the heat was turned up. Since then, his actions this summer point the same way. And we've learned a great deal more which makes me think it even more likely. Jodi Kantor's piece today shows him to be even more vain, thin-skinned, and immature than we knew. He brags like a small boy.

But interestingly, we are already seeing signs of such a meltdown from his cheerleaders in the news media. While he looks like he is edging closer to the edge, they have already lost it.

Years from now when historians review the news media's descent into rabid left-wing activist cheerleading, the most interesting question will be -- where were the adults? No matter how committed a lefty an editor or publisher may be, at some point even a moderately intelligent, marginally wise adult understands that the business will be more successful if it is perceived to have some balance. A bit of wisdom dictates the need to bring in a conservative or two to provide cautionary advice when the enterprise is veering left off the cliff. Alas, no such adults are presently in evidence.

Paul said...

I cannot believe the last item(calendar). Even the Dem's aren't that stupid ??????

mark said...

Religion is only used against Republicans? Seriously?

How about all those who have said Obama is lying about being a Christian? That he's really a secret Muslim?

Add a few more lies to Ryan's tally. He's now saying he never implied Obama was responsible for closing the car assembly-line in Wisconsin. Lie upon lie upon lie.

Betsy Newmark said...

Mark, you're missing the point that Ryan was making. Here is what he said:" When he
talked about change, many people liked the sound of it.
Especially in Janesville where we were about to lose a major
factory. A lot of guys I went to high school with worked at
that G.M. plant. Right there at that plant, candidate Obama
said, ``I believe that if our government is there to support you,
this plant will be here for another 100 years.''
That's what he said in 2008. Well, as it turned out, that
plant didn't last another year. It is locked up and empty to
this day."

So Ryan acknowledge right at the beginning that Janesville was "about to lose" the plant. His point is that Obama had a lot of nice promises for change when he campaigned in 2008, but he couldn't deliver on those promises. He didn't say that it was Obama's fault that it closed, but that Obama's policies haven't done anything to help the economy improve. You might not like his point, but it's not a lie and you're falling into the Dem and media talking points of ignoring what Ryan actually said and blasting him for lying about something he didn't actually say.

mark said...

I'll stand by what I said. Ryan knowingly "implied" that the plant shut down under Obama's watch.
Ryan tries to be clever, such as when he blasted Obama regarding the Simpson-Bowles commission without mentioning the he himself voted against it.
Along with his idiotic lies about his marathon (singular) time, he's. creating a reputation as a liar.
I have accepted the fact that Joe Biden is a gaffe-machine and Obama's a tad full of himself. Perhaps you'll just have to accept that Ryan is a dishonest man.

Betsy Newmark said...

If people can honestly disagree about what was supposedly implied - then it is not a lie. I'll give you that he might have put in a line about why he voted against Simpson-Bowles, but again that isn't a lie. And given that he has twice put forth detailed budget plans to reduce the debt, he's still way ahead of Obama.

I'll give you the marathon story. I don't know what he was thinking of there. He's clearly fit so why exaggerate?

If you're going to call Ryan a liar for leaving things out while attacking his opponents, you must really think that Obama has a Pinocchio nose a mile long.

mark said...

I did not call Ryan a liar regarding Simpson-Bowles, I said he was dishonest and hypocritical. There is a difference.

I don't know how long Obama's nose is in relation to other politicians, but unfortunately, I have no doubt that he has lied and exaggerated. I've even called him out on some of them.