Monday, September 03, 2012

Cruising the Web

Hee hee. The Democrats can't answer a simple question as to whether Americans are better off or not under President Obama.

Nice of the Washington Post to omit the party of the Democratic Hill staffer accused of drugging women and assaulting her while they were unconscious.

Steve Hayes makes a nice point of how the media are covering for Obama this campaign.
Think about this: In an election in which voters cite the economy as their top concern, the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is a policy proposal that he has twice insisted would damage the economy. It might be considered the most audacious and important contradiction of the 2012 campaign. Most journalists haven’t noticed.

Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich. He has vigorously opposed Republican efforts to maintain the current tax rates for all taxpayers, including the wealthy, and he’s mentioned his desire for tax “fairness” in recent campaign speeches in Virginia, Colorado, and Iowa. An ad the Obama administration ran in August urges higher taxes on “millionaires” and concludes: “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message because to cut the deficit we need everyone to pay their fair share.”

In the summer of 2009, Obama said in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd that raising taxes in a recession “would just suck up—take more demand out of the economy and put business in a further hole.” Raising taxes in such a downturn, the president said, is “the last thing you want to do.” Obama can point out, correctly, that we’re not in a recession. The obvious question to ask him, however, is why it’d be foolish to raise taxes in a recession but wise to do so in a sputtering recovery.

The second time he made this argument presents more problems—or might if journalists actually asked him about it. On January 29, 2010, with an economy he described as “somewhat fragile,” Obama said that the “consensus among people who know the economy best” was that raising taxes was one of two ways to damage the economy. At a House Republican retreat in Baltimore, Obama rejected a Republican proposal to freeze spending at pre-stimulus levels and warned against the “destimulative effect” of tax hikes.
And now the economy is worse than it was in January 2010 but Obama's main proposal for reducing the deficit, paying for his programs, and helping the economy grow is raising taxes on the wealthy.'

The US Department of Justice has reached a settlement with the Sacramento Public Library for offering e-books to library patrons. Apparently, the DOJ felt that this violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by discriminating against the blind. Wouldn't the entire contents of the library do the same thing unless they offer braille versions of all the books in the library?

This story about the Harvard students accused of collaborating on a class final is quite weird. The students are upset because the professor promised to give out a lot of A's and yet the course was hard and they felt his tests were tricky and didn't cover the lectures. He gave them a take-home final and told them they could use the internet, books, and notes, but not each other. Students went to the teaching fellows because they didn't understand a term on the exam and one of the fellows explained the term. It sounds as if the teacher was not great and the exam is poorly designed. Why allow all sorts of openness regarding sources and allow the internet but not other students? Why not just have the test in class and save everyone from suspicion? The students are at fault because the instructions clearly said not to consult each other. Why do Harvard students think it is a defense to complain that the class wasn't as easy as they thought it should be and that other people were cheating? Is this really the quality that parents expect from sending their kids to Harvard?

Nicholas Eberstadt argues that what is really at stake as we confront our entitlement crisis is the American character.

Revealing "The Grubby World of Comment Spam." It's all about building up links to deceive search engines.

Heh. What the Democrats are really upset about is that the GOP is going "Alinsky on Obama."

Why did stimulus money go to pay for over 100 ads aired only on MSNBC to tout green jobs?

Look at how many government unions invest their pension funds with Bain Capital.

More evidence against what happens when the Democrats run a government as Illinois just got downgraded again. Of course, they're still fighting with California, another Democrat-controlled state, for being the worst state for investment. Illinois residents can only look to envy to how their neighbors in Wisconsin and Indiana have avoided a similar crisis.
Illinois residents and businesses are already taxed to the hilt, with major employers openly threatening capital flight if their burden is made heavier. A massive “temporary” tax increase – 67 percent on individuals, 46 percent on employers – is scheduled to expire in 2014, but the Chicago Tribune worries that it’s starting to look awfully permanent. That possibility is not exactly enticing vitally-needed business investment into the state.

This is what happens when yesterday’s pension commitments turn into today’s intractable fiscal crisis. “Political leaders in Illinois kicked the can down the road. Now, they’re realizing the consequence of their actions,” observed someone who successfully dealt with a similar crisis: Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. The state government of Illinois is degenerating into a massive, bankrupt retirement program with a vestigial police force and occasional road construction as a pastime. Everyone is “entitled,” but nobody has anything left to give; no one will bend, so soon everything will break.

The Clintons really are covering their bases. While Bill is making sure that no one blames him if Obama loses by giving the nominating speech for Obama, Hillary will be on the other side of the globe to get away from the Democratic convention.

Obama says it's "time to build a nation that lives up to its ideals." Hasn't he been president for three and a half years?

Of course, all those getting their panties in a knot about whether Paul Ryan lied or not in his speech have to then answer for all the lies and strange things Joe Biden has said over his career.