Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cruising the web

Now Obama starts bemoaning how divisive politics has become. As if his campaign has been all sweetness and brightness. Remind us again which campaign just ran millions of dollars of advertising against Mitt Romney. Now Obama is the "Great Divider."

But he's "President Eye-Candy," so what does anything else matter?

Conan O'Brien doesn't think anyone should ask a serious question of Obama.

No wonder Obama doesn't like to talk about the economy.

Michael Barone details Obama's war on the young who are his base in the election.

So will the media care as evidence mounts up that intelligence officials knew within a day that the attacks on the Benghazi consulate were the were work of al Qaeda yet the administration lied to us for a week and is still casting partial blame on the video?

Who "forgets" to pay their mortgage?

Racism rears its ugly head in politics. But it's racism against a Republican so it doesn't matter.

Brandon J. Gaylord analyzes some more interesting skewed demographics in recent polls. Even beyond the partisan divisions which anticipate a higher Democratic turnout than in 2008, some polls are ridiculously undersampling pro-Republican populations such as Evangelicals and those earning over $100,000 while oversampling those earning under $50,0000. His theory is that the pollsters are overcompensating for their fears about undersampling minorities and other left-leaning groups that they aren't looking to make sure they have a fair sample of right-leaning groups.

Pollsters didn't do so well in 2010 in predicting party turnout. Heck, their exit polls couldn't even predict the result of the Wisconsin governor recall race the day of the election.

Peter Kirsanow looks at the percentages that Obama is getting from registered voters in Gallup's last month of polling compared to 2008 and wonders why Romney isn't up 10 points.

Perhaps the media are doing what Bill Bradlee admitted he did in 1984 in running faulty polls as his "in-kind contribution to the Mondale campaign."

How Obama's megalomania explains his response to the Arab Spring.

Why the planned movie about the Navy Seals taking down Osama bin Laden is problematic for Obama.
First, if the attacks in Egypt and Libya are (as it seems) an al Qaeda production, then bin Laden's execution was merely revenge, and not a game changer. Second, the Obama administration has now posited that provocative films are excuses to riot -- and what could be more provoking of riots than the Great Satan dancing on Osama's watery grave?

It's funny the extent to which Hollywood will go to in order to film an anti-fracking movie.

Why can't our journalists do this? For weeks at a time. Would we notice?

Bill Clinton talks a nice bipartisan game, but then slams George W. Bush in a disgraceful way.

Another four Pinocchios for Obama. Of course, Barack Obama can't handle the truth.

Even Howard Fineman is feeling a tinge guilty about the pro-Obama bias in the press.

Seven stories about Mitt Romney that you might not know. I had heard all of them except for the milk one. But I wonder how many less politically engaged voters have heard them.

Here's some truth - how health care premiums have increased under Obama.

Jon Stewart has some fun with Obama's choice to go on The View instead of holding bilateral meetings with world leaders.

Jim Geraghty notes a pattern of the administration telling lies about al-Qaeda terrorism.

Dennis Miller rants on what the country will be like if Obama wins.

The Washington Post has the definitive timeline of the administration's weasling on whether the attack on the consulate was due to the video or was due to the "T" word that Obama won't use.

So which presidents have been the most devout?

So this is how college kids are spending their evenings. And they're our future. Sigh.

The FBI still can't get into the consulate in Benghazi to investigate the "crime scene."

A perfect representation of Obama voters.