Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cruising the Web

Here's a depressing graphic facing graduates of law school.

One chart to demonstrate how Obamacare raids Medicare to pay for other programs in Obamacare.

Business Insider determines the eight swing counties to watch how they go in the elections. These are counties in swing states that went for Bush in 2004 and Obama in 2008.

Even CBS acknowledges that President Obama is placing priority on his reelection efforts instead of diplomacy as leaders of the world arrive in the United States for the United Nations. He didn't meet with any foreign leaders yesterday but sat down with the ladies on The View. I guess that, after he turned down a request to meet with Netanyahu, he realized that it wold look bad to meet with other foreign leaders. We're in the middle of a dangerous moment around the world and he's talking to Whoopi Goldberg instead of foreign leaders. Perfect.

This is the arrogance of Barack Obama. He told the ladies on The View, "I told folks I'm just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys." Why don't we retire this guy and he can travel the country being eye candy for middle-aged ladies instead of messing up our country?

So Jonah Goldberg asks, just what is the difference between Ron burgundy and Chris Matthews?
What’s the difference between Chris Matthews and Ron Burgundy? Answer: One is a pompous, self-absorbed, often-in-error-but-never-in-doubt blowhard impervious to facts and logic. The other has a really bushy mustache.

The evidence is clear - government spending is not the way to grow the economy.
The reason is straightforward. As many economists have found, most government spending has relatively little effect on the economy, and any effects are generally short-lived. For example, Harvard economist Alberto Alesina and his colleagues show in a new National Bureau for Economic Research study across many countries that government spending has little connection to GDP growth, making spending cuts ideal for balancing budgets without provoking a recession — but this also means that spending does little to stimulate economies. Alesina finds, however, that tax changes have large macroeconomic effects; that is, tax increases reliably depress the economy.

In a nutshell, Cash for Clunkers and all the other social-engineering programs of the past few years won’t succeed as promised to assist economic recovery, because they cannot. And the tax increases at the center of Obamanomics will dig our hole even deeper. What would work to spur our country’s financial growth is more economic freedom — not more government spending.

Again, this is not political dogma, but empirical reality.
You know. It's math. But Democrats deny this reality.

Factchecking Obama on Sixty Minutes.

It used to be that the media respected a politician willing to tackle the toughest political issues such as reforming entitlements as Social Security and Medicare. Well, not when it's Mitt Romney and Barack Obama has spent four years ducking such issues.

Obama is now blaming 90% of the debt increase that occurred on his watch as Bush's fault. Of course, reality is totally in contradiction with his words.