Friday, September 21, 2012

Cruising the web

Michael J. Totten writes that we need to stop giving terrorists a veto.

Why should there be a divine right of Kennedys?

Kimberley Strassel reports on how closely linked AARP and Obama have been in passing Obamacare.

Jay Cost is not throwing in the towel on his optimism for November.

Obama can't decide if he wants to be an insider or an outsider. Allahpundit comments,
The difference with O is that “change” was less a promise in his case than the foundation of a messianic myth; to hear him admit that he’s learned hard lessons about how difficult it would be to achieve is like hearing FDR say in 1935, “Maybe Washington’s not ready for a New Deal after all.” Other presidents managed to change things from the inside, including his Great Society predecessor Lyndon Johnson. As Romney says, if he’s not up to the task, let’s him return him to the “outside” so he can work for “change” there.
And, of course, the way he got Obamacare passed was totally through inside deals with lobbyists and tricky gimmicks to cram it down through the Congress. The tea party protesters were the outsiders who tried to change what the insiders in Washington were pushing down our throats.

Obama tells the Univision audience that his biggest failure was not getting immigration reform through Congress. Well, he didn't even try. He had overwhelming Democratic majorities his first two years and he didn't even make the effort. And notice that he doesn't recognize his failures on the economy as his biggest failure. As Carol Platt Liebau writes,
Joblessness? Economic crisis? Iran steadily marching toward nukes? Forget about it. If Obama's reelected, he's going to worry about passing immigration "reform" -- just like he ignored the economic crisis last time, and pushed for health care "reform."
Obama dodges explaining why our consulate in Libya wasn't better protected even though he says that his "number one priority is always to keep our diplomats safe and to keep our embassies safe." So why won't he answer questions on why the consulate wasn't better protected? And there are a lot of such unanswered questions. The biggest question is why, when U.S. officials issued security alerts in Egypt prior to 9/11, but didn't do anything to beef up the limited security provided our diplomats in Beghazi despite all the information out there about the presence of jihadists in the area. No wonder Obama can't answer that question.

Meanwhile, how creepy is it that supposed adults are writing on their hands like infatuated middle-schoolers and pledging allegiance to Obama?

Oh, and the GAO confirms Republican allegations that HHS's alteration of work requirements for welfare is unprecedented. In fact there is no provision in the law to allow such waivers.

And the Justice Department Inspector reporting on Fast and Furious acknowledges that there was no justification for Obama using executive privilege to keep documents on the program and cover-up from Congress.

Marc Thiessen exposes how it is simply a myth that Obama was the great liberator helping free those in the Middle East from brutal dictators.

Yes, indeed, tax cuts do lead to economic growth.