Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cruising the Web

John Podhoretz says that the election has come down to the feckless - Obama - versus the clueless - Mitt Romney.

Can such massive airing of campaign ads really make a difference or have we reached a point where they just cancel each other out and people tune all the ads out?

Buzzfeed has the greatest hits from how Obama expressed his liberalism in the 1990s. If he'd talked like this in 2008, he would never have gotten elected. You can add in John Hawkins' list of the 25 most obnoxious quotes from Obama.

Here are the data behind Romney's 47% comments and what he got right and got wrong.

Dorothy Rabinowitz is her usual cogent self in scoring how the media are covering this race.

Let's find out the truth. There is a serious allegation out there that the Obama administration didn't want to rile up the Libyans in a tense situation so, instead of using the Marines to guard the embassy in Tripoli and the consulate in Benghazi by an unarmed British firm. Remember that the U.S. consulate had been targeted already this year. Why should the administration get away with not answering straightforward questions about this?

Jim Pethokoukis explains how, under Obama, taxes on everyone, not just the top 1%, will have to go up.

Amazing how is it perfectly fine to make the most salacious jokes about Mormons in a Broadway play but no one should be allowed to mock Muslims and Islam.

Ludicrously, Michelle Obama claims that when her husband got into office and faced such a terrible economic situation, "instead of pointing fingers and placing blame, Barack got to work." Come on. He has been placing blame from the very beginning and has never stopped.

Jim Geraghty posts here and here on what inspires Republicans to perceive that there is a large group of people who simply feel that they are entitled to largesse from the government. Carol Platt Liebau expands on the "entitlement mentality."

Building on this evidence, the WSJ recommends to Mitt Romney what he should have said and what he can say from now on so that he can back on offense.

John McCormack explains how Obama's policies have hurt young people, his most fervent supporters, the most.

Jonah Goldberg ponders what it means for our relations with Muslim countries if the administration's explanation that the attacks on American diplomats and businesses abroad is true.
Why is Islam so special? The answer is, it’s not. But Muslim rioters get special treatment. And that’s nuts. If these people are going to hate us, even after President Obama has done such a fantastic job reaching out to the Muslim world, maybe we should just accept that fact and stand up for what we believe, without apology.

Michael Warren has some ideas on the TV ads the Romney campaign should be running.

Rolling Stone Magazine just can't stop badgering Bob Dylan to admit that, come on, he really does love Barack Obama. Dylan refuses to be hounded into saying what the reporter clearly wants him to say.
For all Obama's criticism of Romney on foreign policy, it sure is a coincidence on how often Obama has been following Romney's lead.

Michael Barone writes that Obama's first term resembles FDR's second term.