Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cruising the Web

Michael Munger explains why his and my state of North Carolina doesn't fit easy stereotyping.

Avik Roy reports on how Democrats changed the health care bill that Mitt Romney signed and took out the market-oriented reforms.

Christopher Bale seems like a really good guy. This is a heartwarming story.

So why isn't Obama attending about half of his daily intelligence briefings? Could campaigning be more important? Ya think? His advisers have talked up how much of a leader Obama is at these briefings in the way he drills them with questions. Yet, now that he's not attending them, they think it's just fine if he reads the briefing and doesn't actually talk to them.

Notice how the media press Republicans for details on their budget and tax reform proposals, but don't treat Obama the same way.

Excellent: Paul Krugman vs. Frederic Bastiat.

Byron York reports that Republicans are panicking and issuing lots of advice to Mitt Romney who will have to decide whether to take that advice or stick to his plan.

Among the advice for Romney, here is some of the best. I hope his campaign reads it and implements some of it.

Even Obama's legislative director and former aide on the budget realized this essential truth.
"You could raise all the taxes you want on millionaires,’ Nabors made the mistake of saying, and it would never raise enough.
Now that would be a good point to drive home whenever Democrats appear spouting the same garbage about how they're going to solve our fiscal woes by raising taxes on the rich.

Uh oh. It turns out that Democratic heroine Lilly Ledbetter lied to the convention in her address about when she learned about being paid less. She waited six years after finding out before filing her EEOC claim.
It appears bad legal advice torpedoed her Supreme Court fight. However, she knew of her situation in ’92, but changed it to score political points with the president. I never thought that lying would be an effective method in fighting for equal pay, but for liberals – anything goes.

Milton Friedman's grandson is leading an interesting libertarian experiment off the coast of Honduras.

New documents are being released from the National Archives indicating that the Roosevelt administration knew about the Soviet massacre of 22,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest but hid the evidence in order to maintain relations with Stalin.

Jesse Bering issues a scientific smackdown on Andrew Sullivan over the issue of circumcision.

Not only is their economy sinking, but now South Californians have to deal with their region stinking.

Is it really a good tactic to target something Ann Romney said in your group's attack ad?

Woodward argues that "gaps" in Obama's leadership were one of the main reasons that the debt deal collapse. Why does anyone think that Obama would be able to do anything different or exercise more leadership in a second term with most probably more Republicans in the Senate?

If the Obama administration knew all along that no one, not even Bill Clinton, could have turned the economy around, why did they keep trumpeting the arrival of "Recovery Summer?" It's just another deception from the Bill Clinton address last week.

HHS take 18 pages to define "full-time employee" for the purposes of Obamacare.

Heh. Apparently, Chicago teachers can't spell.