Monday, September 10, 2012

Cruising the Web

Has Obama lost Maureen Dowd? She certainly does excoriate him for his tone of blaming us now for having too much faith in his 2008 promises. Of course, she'll definitely vote for him. But he should consider himself duly chastized by Dowd.

The easiest way to trip up a Democrat is to ask what Obama's second term agenda is.

Debunking the myths that Bill Clinton's policies led to the booming economy of the 1990s.

The WSJ reminds us of the real history of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission. It wasn't Paul Ryan who killed it. And the reason he wouldn't go along wasn't because he refused to agree to the tax reform measures. It was because Simpson-Bowles put Obamacare off the table and thus would not agree to any reform of Medicare which is the true long-term cause of our fiscal deficits.

Who is dumber, Joe Biden or Barack Obama?

One writer talks about how hard it is to let his liberal friends know that he's a conservative.

John Hawkins presents the "Worst of Barack Obama in quotes." There a lot of these I'd forgotten.

When Obama tells us today that he always said it would be hard to fix the economy so we shouldn't have expected him to turn it around by now, just remember that he once told us that, if he didn't get the economy turned around, his presidency would be a one-term proposition. So I guess even he believed his BS.

Even Cokie Roberts thinks that the Democratic Convention went overboard on abortion to an extent that alienates people.

What do the Chicago teachers think their city is made of when they rejected a 3% pay increase for this year and 2% for the next three years? Let's see how they pretend to say they're going on strike all for the kids. The city has a $3 billion deficit for the next three years and promised pensions it can't pay. I don't see how the city can afford even that offered pay increase. The real deal breaker for the teachers is their refusal to be evaluated based on how their students perform. And don't forget what huge supporters of the democrats such teachers unions are.

When we talk about how Obama's stimulus failed to turn around the economy, remember that the money wasted in the stimulus was money that could have been spent in other ways or, better yet, left to people to spend themselves in the private sector to employ people or invest. What is often missed is the fact that "the government expenditure that creates jobs also carries with it the opportunity cost."

The Obama administration has had the same reaction to every bad job report that they've given going back to November, 2009. They keep telling us not to read too much into bad jobs numbers. Month after month after month of terrible jobs reports. At some point, we need to start paying attention.

The differences between Michelle Obama's husband and America's president.

As Obama swears up and down that he'll never turn Medicare into a voucher, don't believe him. His HHS has a pilot program to shift up to 2 million of the poorest seniors to a voucher program.

Yuval Levin refutes the media kerfuffle over Romney having said that his health reform would offer health care coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Romney has always said he'd do this as have all the conservative plans for health care reform.

Why should the media ever listen to Debbie Wassermann Schultz again after she deliberately lied and her lies have been caught on tape? And she's adding on more lies on top of her original lies. After a certain point, they should acknowledge that she's a flagrant liar and ignore her ever after. Or they could introduce a statement each time she appears reminding people that she has previously been proven to be a liar.

Germany continues moving against the rights of people to have their baby sons circumcised according to their religious precepts.

At this time in 1980, the media were saying that Reagan was off to a slow start and had dropped the ball against Jimmy Carter.

Don't believe the Obama administration says its energy policy is "all of the above."

Putting Jerusalem back into the Democratic platform didn't solve its weaknesses on Israel. It still doesn't call for isolating Hamas and Hezbollah or reject the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

While people are laughing at Jennifer Granholm's over-the-top performance at the Democratic Convention, don't forget how she twisted her state's laws to pay off the SEIU.

Neither Clinton nor Obama can match George W. Bush's record of fighting large corporate interests.

As excerpts from Woodward's new book reveals, Obama never had a Plan B when it came to the struggle over raising the debt ceiling. Instead all he cared about was pushing the band-aid past the election. And it took a Congressional staffer to point out what everyone should have known. A leader should always have a Plan B.