Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dumb Government News of the Day

Apparently, there are city ordinances forbidding freedom of expression if it goes against the state's sports teams. And kindergartners are now finding out about how dumb government can be sometimes.
n Oklahoma City kindergartner was forced to turn his University of Michigan shirt inside out last week because it violated a city ban on any apparel not supportive of the state's college teams.

Cooper Barton, 5, comes from a family of Michigan fans. He went to school wearing a maize and blue shirt with "The Big House," the nickname for Michigan's 114,000-seat stadium, written on the front. The school principal made Cooper turn the shirt inside out due to the state policy.

The rule is among many restricting clothing and dress in the city schools. It came into effect in 2005 after suggestions from a gang task force. On the list of banned items, non-Oklahoma college dress falls directly in between gang symbol haircuts and "satanic cult dress, witchcraft and related symbols."

Professional apparel of any kind is also banned. It's a good thing. I've heard first-graders wearing Oklahoma Thunder shirts are bad news.

A spokesman for the school told WXYZ that the superintendent was aware of the incident and would investigate to see if the rule was outdated.