Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cruising the Web

Harry Reid has lost even Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. Why won't Democratic politicians follow suit? For them, the ends justify the means. We're left to wonder how low the left will go.

Israel has a "you built it culture" and that's one of the reasons that some no longer support it.

Avik Roy explains why Obamacare is especially bad for the nation's poor.

Victor Davis Hanson ponders whom a liberal like Rahm Emanuel is willing to give a pass to.

How Deval Patrick is using state money to try to register Massachusetts welfare recipients so they can vote for Elizabeth Warren.

Is your city the next one to go bankrupt?

Why not Paul Ryan? Let this be a campaign about big things.

So who do you think is the most overrated college basketball coach? Heh. And why doesn't the NCAA care about this academic scandal?


stan said...

Underrated and overrated coaches (or players) are always interesting questions because they seek to measure the distance between TWO variable points about which people seem to have major disagreements. People often disagree about the general perception of how someone is rated. And they really disagree about how good or bad someone's performance is relative to that "standard".

E.g. For many years, I thought that Peyton Manning was the most underrated football player ever and that Tom Brady might be the most overrated. [even as both were generally regarded as the best 2 QBs in the game.] Since then, Brady has actually improved his performance considerably and Manning has begun to get a great deal more credit for his incredible value.

BTW -- glad to see Bob McKillop get some love as one of the most underrated coaches.

mark said...

Who knows, but this would make sense as Reid's source.
BTW: Don't you wish repubs had given Huntsman (Jr.) a serious look?