Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Cruising the Web

This is how much the new Egyptian government rejects any cooperation with Israel. When Israel gave them advance warning of a terrorist attack, they ignored the warning and 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed. The terrorists then headed to the Israeli border where the Israeli army stopped them. The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas then turned around and blamed Israel for the attack. Since Israel had intelligence about the attack, they'd warned Israelis to leave the Sinai and now that is being turned back as evidence that they were behind the attack. This whole incident tells us a lot about the possibility of the new Morsi government working with Israel to combat terrorism.

Here's a novel way to try to figure out who Romney's VP choice is going to be - check out how many edits on Wikipedia have been made in the days leading up to the announcement have been made for the various people rumored to be in the mix. Apparently, there were heavy edits being done to Sarah Palin's and Joe Biden's pages leading up to their announcements.

Apparently, Harry Reid has a history of demanding a political opponent release tax returns. In fact, he made the very same accusation that Paul Laxalt, his opponent for the Senate in 1974, hadn't paid taxes. It didn't work out well for Reid in 1974.

Just what Los Angeles needed - to have to spend $4 million because of the Occupy Los Angeles movement. Yup. That helps the 99%.

So if Paul Ryan goes on vacation for a week does that mean he's out of the veepstakes? Or is it a secret plan to confuse the media? On the other hand, Romney is thinking higher and higher of Paul Ryan.

Glenn Reynolds makes the case to repeal the Hollywood tax cuts.

Columbia is planning to spend $45 million to increase hiring of underrepresented minorities. As Roger Clegg points out, despite the 2003 Grutter v. Bollinger case (from when Bollinger was head of Michigan Law School), there is nothing that would support using such discriminatory hiring for the faculty. But I guess that Lee Bollinger just can't help himself when he gets to be in charge at a university.

Oh, and by the way, contrary to the Obama campaign's claims, Mitt Romney's request for a waiver in 2005 had nothing to do with waiving work requirements. Instead it was in support of a Senate bill to allow states to consolidate all the federal welfare programs. If only the Romney campaign would be quicker to refute these attacks. They should have been ready for this one. Romney knew what he applied for.

Just another Fast and Furious weapon showing up in a plot by a drug cartel to kill the police chief of Tijuana. How inconvenient.

Chris Christie signs a bill reforming teacher tenure in New Jersey. Better yet, they should just get rid of it like a lot of charter schools.

The phoniness behind the claims that ObamaCare will reduce our deficit.

How law schools underreport actual student debt.

Jay Cost argues why he thinks that the election is Romney's to win.

California's government can't even manage its most fundamental responsibilities.

The fairy tale behind the Romney Hood attack.

The Olympic events that were discontinued sound rather delightful.

In Obama's postmodern world, words don't have meaning and so he can flip on whatever he has said previously.

Jim Geraghty reminds us of the real history of the Willie Horton attack on Michael Dukakis.

How school reform is the new cool.

How the Obama administration is subsidizing illegal immigrants.

How Abby Wambach won the match against Canada - not just with her scoring, but with her brains.