Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cruising the Web

If young people want to have a future, they need to start voting for candidates who aren't ignoring their economic interests.

Even for older citizens, Social Security is a bad deal. People now are paying in more than they will ever get out of the system. Just think if you could invest that money on your own.

Ira Stoll looks at the fundamental lie on health care spending that undergirded Obamacare.

When voter fraud won a Senate seat and made Obamacare possible.

Ted Frank offers chicken offsets for those who want to eat at Chick-fil-A but still want to support gay rights.

Jim Geraghty puts his finger on the bigger story that comes out of the story of David Plouffe speeches for a company that did business with Iran's government.

The Obama Justice Department has finally found a type of race-based selection that it opposes.

Find out where your state stands on underemployment.

For all the houha over Harry Reid's claim that Romney didn't pay taxes for a decade, how about Reid releasing his own tax returns to demonstrate how he became a multi-millionaire while working in government most of his life. He refuses.

If Obama thinks "you've got to earn your success," why did his administration unilaterally weaken work requirements for welfare?

Why did so many elites admire Gore Vidal a man who spoke well of Timothy McVeigh and was publicly anti-Semitic?

Perfect example of how government works: selling microwave-in-bag hamburgers for $9.50 a burger on Amtrak when they cost $16 to prepare.

Are there really people out there concerned about Gabby Douglas' Hair? Sheesh!