Monday, August 06, 2012

Cruising the Web

How terrible that people can't be safe in their house of worship. My heart and prayers go out to the victims in Wisconsin.

Tsk, tsk. OWS protesters vandalize Obama campaign offices in Oakland. Note: not the tea party, but those same Occupy participants that Democrats have praised.

Harry Enten examines the slippery stats known as favorability deficits.

One blogger has his mind blown by Amtrak's acceptance of the normalcy of debt.

When people get all on their high horses over comparisons between Israeli and Palestinian culture, have them look at examples of Palestinian culture such as this or this.

Bucky Balls is fighting back.

I can't get excited about the Sight and Sound 2012 poll of movie critics that put Vertigo above Citizen Kane as best movie. Any poll that doesn't place either of the Godfather movies in the top ten is just bogus.

One Salon writer's reaction to Gabby Douglas's fantastic win of the gold medal in women's gymnastics is to write a column unnerved that such a firm believer in Christianity should win. I'm not a Christian, but I find it unnerving that that should be anyone's reaction to an athlete's success.

The surge in the price of corn could be more damaging to the world's economy than Europe's debt crisis.

Maybe the racism is in the eye of a beholder who got offended by NBC running an ad for a sitcom that features a monkey right after reporting that Gabby Douglas won the gold medal in women's gymnastics. I think it's more racist to see a monkey and immediately associate it with black people.

Massive government stimulus hasn't worked anywhere it was tried. It's time for politicians to learn from these examples.

We're now in a world of Rafalca Derangement Syndrome.

Here's a cause we can all get behind: Let Teddy win!


V the K said...

Petition to Excommunicate Harry Reid for Conduct Unbecoming of a Mormon:

mark said...

What Reid did was sleazy, but where is the proof that it was a lie?

Is there a similar petition for Romney for lying while exploiting our troops?

equitus said...

Really, mark? Every comment lately attempts to change the subject. And then to support your claims you link to thinkprogress, then crooksandliars, and now democraticunderground?

It's like you're not even trying any more. You get a C. Now please try harder. We're all counting on you!

mark said...

I believe V was referring to ex-communicating Mormons for lying. My post fit right in.
Yes, I do rely heavily on liberal websites. You do realize, I hope, that most of Betsy's links are to known conservatives.
Perhaps you can think for yourself: Do you believe it was honest for Romney to claim Obama is trying to prevent service members from voting? If so, can you offer any evidence. Conservatives (including some here) have long exploited our soldiers in a disgusting attempt to defend the indefensible: Criticizing Bush for the war on Iraq was "spitting on the troops".
It was disgraceful when people here did it. It's particularly disgraceful when a candidate for president does it.