Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cruising the Web

Here are some cool photos of the full moon in London shining through the Olympic Rings on the Tower Bridge.

Liberal professors admit that they would discriminate against conservatives in hiring and promotions. Just what conservatives have always suspected.

One Michigan city is outsourcing all its public schools. It shall be an interesting experiment.

Nate Cohn has an interesting analysis that PPP's poll results might be skewed because their oversampling voters on the basis of education.

Rich Lowry asks, why doesn't the media just outsource its coverage to Media Matters and have done with it?

Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton.

Five myths about the middle class.

I didn't realize that Paul Ryan was term-limited out of serving again as chairman of the House Budget Committee unless he gets a waiver. How dumb is it to include the years that a person is the ranking member of the committee while the party is in the minority into their leadership count for term limits purposes?

Here's a social science experiment: testing the theory that seeing American flags operates as a subliminal message that increases Republican votes in an election, on Colorado woman is handing out 20,000 American flag bumper stickers to see if it affects the vote in Colorado this year.

Here's a tidbit about Senator Robert Byrd we hadn't known. In his early years in the Senate, he'd sought secret documents from the FBI on civil rights leaders. Charming. And he was seen as a pillar of the Senate.

Poor Democrats in Tennessee. They've ended up nominating a conspiracy theorist kook as their candidate for senator to take on Republican Senator Bob Corker. And they don't even have the tea party to blame for this fiasco.

Here's a creepy app that the Obama campaign has released. You can enter your location and it tells you which of the people in the neighborhood are registered Democrats. I guess the idea is that you can go hound nudge them to vote. Or you might prefer to target your Republican neighbors by terrorizing persuading them to see things your way.