Friday, August 31, 2012

Cruising the Web

Since the real purpose of the convention was to convince the undecided that they can be comfortable voting for Mitt Romney, the mission was accomplished.

Yes, left-wingers and media lapdogs, Paul Ryan was exactly correct with what he said about the Janesville GM plant and Obama's grandiose promises to keep the plant open for 100 years. The media first mischaracterized what Ryan said and then refuted their own mischaracterization.

And the WSJ points out that the media is missing the real point of the anecdote.
Mr. Ryan wasn't saying Mr. Obama should have saved this particular plant, as if it were akin to the sea levels that he promised to command in his inaugural address. Mr. Ryan was mocking the President who promised on the record and apparently believed he could save the plant.
Exactly. In Obama's eyes, the government saves and creates businesses. So why wouldn't a president have the power to make sure that a plant is open for 100 years?

The State Department, having solved all the world's other problems, is now turning into the PC language police.

Who knew that Ann Romney's red dress was a secret dig at Michelle Obama?

Why are the Obama aides tweeting about Romney's make-up?

The media bias last night was about what we expected.

Jay Carney is stumped trying to explain why household median annual incomes have fallen so far since the recession officially ended.

The government doesn't think we have enough people receiving federal assistance.

Chuck Todd reveals the truth: "the Democrats wish they had the diversity" of the GOP.