Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cruising the Web

Ah, those classy liberals.

So why do Indian-Americans lean towards the Democrats? Is that really their natural home? Apparently so. I must say this reflects what I've observed for the ideology of the Indian-Americans I teach. Except for the issue of affirmative action. On that question they're unsurprisingly fulling in alignment with conservatives.

Whoo! It is safe once again for three-year-old deaf boy to sign his name.

For hunting enthusiasts, you can read about Paul Ryan's enjoyment of hunting and how he's teaching his kids to enjoy it also. I guess he wants to pass on that bitter clinging.

Jay Cost explains why the convention is not concentrating on Obama-bashing. Always remember - the election is about those swing voters. Of course, the Democrats had their talking points pre-written about how angry and ugly and insulting the Republicans were being. What does it matter to them if there is no actual support for their assertions? Just throwing in the words "angry" and "insulting" is all they need. Evidence? Not so important.