Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruising the Web

Hey, protesters at the GOP convention, let's stay classy.

Ed Driscoll points out how Obama has changed from his Dreams From My Father dislike of crony capitalism.

This is not a photo-shop. The Obama campaign's Tumblr page decided that in order to recognize the passing of Neil Armstrong, what they really needed was a silhouette of Obama gazing at the night sky. Jim Treacher sums it up best: "Sure, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. But only to tidy it up, so that one day it would be a suitable resting place for Obama’s kingly gaze."

Of course, such a solipsistic attitude toward the universe is totally in line with how his State Department has been changing Fact Sheets on foreign countries into brag sheets on Obama's presidency.

Just the work of research that the world needed. Ugh!

How many multi-millionaires don't have any hired help, shop at Costco, and iron their own shirts?

John Hinderaker wonders if our president could get any whinier. That seems to be the main tone from his donation solicitations.

This is a definite 'clip and save' as Jennifer Rubin explodes ten myths about Republicans. These are conventional wisdom among liberals, but they're just not true.

Ron Brownstein weighs in on the numbers that Obama and Romney need to hit among their key demographic groups of supporters in order to win.

Who knew that there were people out there who were fighting for the reputation of General Custer?

The WSJ remarks on how different this GOP is from the GOP of George W.Bush and Tom Delay. It is Republican reform governors who have led the way to revitalize the party. It turned out that the ones who didn't waste the crisis to achieve successful reforms to boost their states' economies were those new Republican governors.

More research that finds in favor of spending cuts rather than raising taxes to fight recessions.

The sketch on the Romney-Ryan Bromance that didn't make the cover of the New Yorker.

The most dangerous to Obama approach for swaying swing voters to Romney.

It figures that a man who believes in nothing and has no principles such as Charlie Crist would now be backing Obama and speaking at his convention. He's deceiving himself if he truly thinks that his new Democratic friends will ever truly respect him or support him for anything.

If you think the Obama stimulus was going towards building roads and bridges to make your daily commute better, think again. In fact only 62% went towards general purpose roads and safety programs. The rest went to liberal causes such as bike paths, buses, trolleys, Amtrak and high-speed rail.

How Obamacare made it safe to talk about reforming Medicare. Anything is better than what Obama is doing to the program.

Glenn Reynolds writes on why it is so important to fight voter fraud.

Daniel Foster sits in on a swing-voter focus session and discovers that they're really mushy-minded in their thoughts about politics and policies. But they're breaking for Romney.
One California school board would rather stand in contempt of court than to allow parents to transform a failing school into a charter. Let them go to jail.