Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

Naomi Scheiffer Riley thinks that the real reason why Rick Warren canceled his presidential forum is that President Obama had refused to appear and Romney wasn't all that eager to appear. But Warren didn't want it to be said that he was turned down so he is pretending it is all about the lack of civility in the campaign.

If you're a high school dropout, your best bet is to find a job working for the federal government.

Five pivotal national convention moments according to the National Journal. Instead of Obama's '04 speech, I'd include the maneuvering that went on behind the scenes to gain Abraham Lincoln the nomination in 1860 or the utter breakdown of the Democrats in that year that ended up splitting the party and handing the election to Lincoln. But then how can conventions that changed so much history rate next to The One giving a speech that he didn't mean and hasn't reflected ever since?

Mickey Kaus highlights the central task of the MSM this week in Tampa.

Aha! Tom Maguire points to the New York Times for proof that Mitt Romney has paid US federal income taxes at least going back to 2000 since he claimed a foreign tax credit. We're waiting for Harry Reid's apology. Crickets, of course.

James Fallows looks back to Romney's performance in debates going back to his 1994 campaign against Ted Kennedy. He concludes that Romney is very good when prepared and not so good when something comes up that he's unprepared for. I expect a lot more of these building up Romney expectations as we get closer to the debates.

Scott Johnson looks at what is left to the Obama campaign: desperate attacks, lecturing voters, fiction in its claims, deceptive ads with ringers pretending to be GOP women for Obama. It's not very uplifting, is it?

And sure enough, Obama's recent radio address on Medicare that is supposed to tell us the "actual facts" about his plan is instead full of fictions.

Whatever you think of Lance Armstrong, you should be upset about the procedures used to convict him and strip him of his titles.

Michael Barone tells us some things you might not have known about the supposedly eeevil David Koch. And here are some stories about Mitt Romney you might not have heard. I hope they tell these stories at the convention in prime time. Note that we have never heard of stories of similar private philanthropy about Barack Obama.

One life-long Democrat tells why he might be voting Republican this time around.

Excellent! Researchers have developed four little pills that have the same effect of the nauseating liquid laxatives that you have to drink before a virtual colonoscopy.


mark said...

It looks like the image consultants hired to make Romney look good are earning their fees.
No doubt Romney has done some wonderful things in his life for which he should be proud.
He's also done some shameful, disgraceful things related to his work with Bain, from the way he raised start-up funds to begin Bain to the many, many workers he screwed over just to squeeze a few more bucks of profit.
There are lots of businessmen who have been ruthless and unscrupulous it their business dealings, yet at the same time generous with their church, charities, etc.

equitus said...

Obama's '04 convention speech was a turning point, when Alinsky-style politics went national. It may not have impacted the '04 election, but the stage was set - resulting into today's disaster.

equitus said...

Re: Romney debate prep. They're going to have to find an Obama stand-in who can shamelessly hurl the most vile straw-men, insinuations, and accusations, yet in soaring, haughty rhetoric.

This won't be a debate so much as an emotional stress test for both candidates. My money is on the man who's been at it for a year now.

equitus said...

mark once again proves he's adept at keeping the narrative going. Good work, mark!

Romney seems like a stand-up guy. He's not afraid to make tough decisions, and doesn't always make the right ones IMO. Anyway, I think it's dawning on a lot of Dem voters that the "evil greedy" image is a caricature invented to support the narrative.