Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cruising the Web

Here is a stat we should hear a bunch over the next few weeks. Household income dropped more since the recovery supposedly began in June 2009 to now than it did during the recession itself.

The Obama campaign has a weird idea what "small government" is as they try to convince conservative women that Obama is the true candidate of small government.

Oh, too bad. Joe Biden will no longer be going to Tampa. I was looking forward to his musings on the GOP convention. Maybe he can do the same thing from Disney World accompanied by Dopey and Sleepy.

California could learn a lot from Wisconsin. But don't count on their doing so.

Should we stop the Supreme Court justices from taking long, leisurely summer vacations and get them back to work earlier?

Now this is scary - thinking about what a reelected Obama would do with the regulatory powers he's already assumed he has.

Some of Harry Reid's Democratic senators keep money in offshore accounts. Perhaps Reid should talk to some of his colleagues.