Friday, August 24, 2012

Cruising the Web

If the media are done talking about Todd Akin and abortion, perhaps they might get around to noticing that jobless numbers just got revised upward.

The unprecedented Obama campaign: they're breaking the understood deference that candidates have shown each other during the opposition's political convention. But of course the reporter is happy just to blame it on the times. Well, this year's GOP will play by Chicago rules and happily oblige the Democrats by coming back tougher and harder during their convention.

Classy. Elizabeth Warren is basing her campaign advertising around a doctored video.

How the Ryan VP pick fits in with the history of vice presidential nominations.

Jake Tapper challenges Obama's claim to support "all of the above" on energy policy. Carney, as usual, weasels.

Who would think that the cost of day care is comparable to tuition for college for some parents these day.

Yuval Levin points to a misleading NYT poll question to determine if people prefer Obama's or Ryan's Medicare plans.

Jennifer Rubin wonders if the campaign is going to follow the Pundit Theory or the Big Picture Theory of the election.

The Obama campaign is hitting Romney on supposedly opposing limiting class size in schools even though Arne Duncan has said basically the same thing. Typical deceptions.

How can the Democrats throw a convention without such luminaries as Susan Sarandon, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, George Clooney, and Jon Hamm?

Working out at the hotel with Paul Ryan.

As the Chicago Teachers Union is inching close to a school-wide strike, charter schools in Chicago are advertising that there is no strike threat to their schools. I've always thought that it is a total dereliction of duty for teachers to strike. I can't imagine doing that to my students or even threatening to do it. Let this be a turning point as more parents decide to not let this crisis go to waste and enroll their children in charter schools.

Not a good statistic: "American incomes declined more in the three-year expansion that started in June 2009 than during the longest recession since the Great Depression." Yet the Obama campaign are trying to tell us that their recovery created more jobs than Reagan's recovery. Sure.

John McCormack corrects the liberal meme that Ryan tried to restrict the definition of rape.

Jay Cost explains how we should interpret partisan splits in polls conducted now. His recommendation is to look at what is happening with the independents in a poll.

Noemie Emery explains how the Roberts decision on Obamacare is coming back to bite the Democrats right now.

Michael Barone talks about how GM is going from bad to worse.

It's rather telling that the Obama campaign is avoiding talking about climate change. They realize that their position is not a political winner.

What Romney did as a missionary in France: It's an interesting insight into how he led there.

Just another reason why I've never liked Mike Huckabee - he's reasserting his support for Todd Akin. It's support like this that allows Akin to delude himself into not dropping out of the race. And we can look to Huckabee as one of his facilitators.

How the Democrats' approach to stimulus is changing childhood dreams. This is very nicely done.