Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cruising the Web

Guy Benson has an examination of eight arguments we've been hearing against Mitt Romney and assesses the truth and fairness of those arguments. It's a very useful link-filled report that you may want to bookmark for arguments with Obama supporters.

Jonathan Bernstein has an interesting analysis of how the Todd Akin story reflects the role that the national party plus outside groups work now in state politics. If he, as all Republicans hope, drops out of the race, it will be because of the pressure from those groups. I've been thinking that it is also a test of the strength of the parties. I bet that, in a comparable situation, the old Tom Pendergast machine that used to run Missouri politics would have gotten Akins out of there within hours.

Thomas Sowell explains how Obama's rule by presidential decree end the whole idea of checks and balances that have been the foundation of our politics since 1789.

Secretary of Transportation LaHood expresses his pride in DOT stimulus spending. The Transportation Department has spent $48 billion to create jobs for 65,000 people. That works out to $738,461 per job. And the administration wants to spend more. Geesh.

Here's a chart of the 18 new tax hikes in Obamacare.

David Shribman writes about how mysterious Barack Obama is as he runs for reelection basically admitting that he hasn't been a success in office in governing as he promised to while running for office.

Ann Althouse looks at the story of how Senator Schumer likes to nag his staff into getting married and having babies. The NYT seems to think this is all very sweet, but, looked at from another angle, it's rather creepy and obnoxious. Proving that Althouse's blog is a must-stop during the day, she has another interesting post about Obama's statement that he "will not abide" getting outspent by the Republicans if that negates all the hard work his volunteers are doing.

Here is one guy's idea of the 10 best conseervative columnists. I agree with most except Peggy Noonan and David Brooks.

Having Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket has exposed the divisions within Catholics over whether government spending is the mark of a true Catholic.

Rumor has it that Obama's aides contacted members of the White House press corps to ensure that he got asked a question about TOdd Akin's stupid abortion statement. How nice of the compliant media to play along. If you watch the video you can see that he starts off by reading written remarks prepared to address the question.

Well we might not have gotten nothing from our half a billion dollar investment in Solyndra. Some artists have used their glass tubing to create...modern art.

What some analysts missed in their portrayal of Paul Ryan as the ultimate wonk is that he's also a very good and experienced retail politician.

Why do the British like their sub-par health system so much? Is it ignorance or ideology?

Meet Romney's "honey badger."

A good question from Geoffrey Norman about why politicians won't get rid of the ethanol program given all the problems government mandates have created: "If they can't stand up to the corn farmers in Iowa, citizens will think, then how in the world can we expect them to take on the AARP?"

Mona Charen writes that all that Obama has going for now is the "coolness" factor. But it's just gotten to be too much especially when it is all he's got now.
Obama doesn't just love himself, he also thinks it's uplifting for others to love him, too. So he has shared his NCAA brackets, slow-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon and crooned a few Al Green lyrics at a fundraiser. Human-interest fluff, you say? Everybody does it?

Maybe. But consider that in the past few days even some members of the White House press corps are complaining that the president hasn't held a press conference in two months, but he has managed to make himself available to Entertainment Tonight and People magazine. The world was apparently panting to discover that the president is personally friendly with George Clooney. Yes, and Michelle Obama confides that Clooney is "cute."

It requires a stratospheric level of self-regard to suggest, as the campaign did with its "Obama Event Registry," that in lieu of accepting gifts for themselves, Obama supporters should suggest that well-wishers send donations to the Obama campaign instead. "Let your friends know how important this election is to you," exhorts the site, "register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift."

Unabashed, the campaign also taped a solicitation featuring the first couple's blow-by-blow reminiscence about their first date. Offering small details about your life is one thing, but this is like dragooning the entire country into watching your home movies.
Do people still fall for this noxious stuff?

Glenn Thrush whose e-book was creating a bit of a buzz yesterday admits going soft on David Axelrod because he didn't want to hurt his feelings. Awww.

One Mormon reporter tells us about going to services with Romney on Sunday. It's an interesting look at what a Mormon service is like.

Wisconsin union workers are just worn out from all the campaigning they've done in the past year. They're just not all that eager to do it all again for the November election.

Mickey Kaus has a recommendation for President Obama how to turn around the accusations from the Romney campaign that he's getting rid of the work requirements for welfare. Nice try, but when in Obama's presidency do we see any indication that he wants to work with Congress instead of just imposing his own will through executive actions?