Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cruising the Web

Barack Obama is going through his campaign funds at an unprecedented burn rate. Rather as he's done with the country's budget.

The noose is starting to tighten around Holder's Justice Department in Fast and Furious investigation.

John Lott demonstrates that Mayor Bloomberg is deeply ignorant when he talks on gun issues.

Conn Carroll explains why the Democrats are the ones who own the defense sequestrations. No wonder the Obama administration is trying to make companies not tell their employees of possible layoffs due to the sequestration. I doubt that many companies will want to help the Obama administration out by avoiding a federal law that mandates they tell their employees what is going on and which would lay them open to lawsuits if they don't tell them.

Michael Barone points out that intellectuals always wanted to have parties with all the liberals in one and conservatives in others. Now they're getting just about that and all that icky partisanship is annoying them.

Oh, that silly GSA! It's amazing they could do anything with all the conferences and team-building activities their employees were going to.

There is a growing investigation into absentee ballot fraud in Hialeah Florida.

In Italy it is now a crime punished by a fine to tell a man that he has "no balls." I'm glad that Italy got that settled, otherwise it might be an insult to hurl at their politicians who have gotten them into the fiscal crisis they now face.