Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cruising the Web

The lesson of this story about how Romney's family advised in favor of the Ryan pick is that Romney should listen to his wife. I endorse this message.

James Pethokoukis reminds us of when Democrats used to like the policies that Paul Ryan stands for.

Ah, these are the important questions that President Obama has to answer: What super power would he like to have? What is his favorite work out song? Does he prefer red or green chilis? And that's just getting started. No wonder he's happy to give that New Mexico radio station his time. What do you bet those wouldn't be the questions for Romney or Ryan?

I wonder if Obama took any economics or math in college. He seems to have some problems with those subjects.

Carl M. Cannon has an interesting historical look at the history of religious diversity on presidential tickets. This year is really remarkable.

Remembering Joe Biden's top five racial gaffes.

Is California the new Detroit?

Andrew Kaczynski found this video of Obama on the campaign trail in 2008 criticizing John McCain for proposing $800 billion of cuts in future Medicare spending to make way for reforming the program. As Ed Morrissey writes,
So … Obama was against raiding Medicare to fund an “ill-conceived, badly thought through plan” to reform the health-care system before he was the author of those cuts to fund ObamaCare. Gotcha.
Walter E. Williams looks at what Obama doesn't understand about improving black student achievement.

Harry Enten looks at what the Ryan effect in Wisconsin could do the electoral map.

My husband links to what he feels is "the apex of modern political journalism."