Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cruising the Web

Congress isn't gridlocked; it's just irresponsible. Alas, so true.

As long as Joe Biden is making a gaffe a day, it's time to visit his greatest hits.
By the way, a lot of this rant that he made in 1988 about how he had a higher IQ than the citizen questioning him and all his bragging about his college record is not true.

The New York Times devotes space to criticizing the fit of Paul Ryan's suits.

So which judges are likely to be on Romney's short list for the Supreme Court?

Erin McPike wonders if the timing was off for the rollout of Paul Ryan as Romney's VP choice and that it was too early and there will be a letdown for the convention. There are arguments on both sides for the timing. I think it's working very well for Romney and gives him a couple of weeks to build up excitement.

How did Harry Reid get so rich?

TMZ goes to Paul Ryan's alma mater to see if they can find shirtless pictures of Paul Ryan.

Hmmm. Notice a trend in Politico's coverage of Paul Ryan?

Amity Shlaes explains how Paul Ryan would make the U.S. a better investment.

Not only conservatives, but moderates should, as Ross Douthat writes, like Paul Ryan.

How the Romney campaign is applying Marshal Foch's military advice.

The Washington Post chides Joe Biden for making promises not to make any changes in Social Security despite the fact that Social Security is going broke. It sure is easy to make such promises if Biden wants to ignore reality - but isn't that what their whole campaign is about?

Kevin Hassett exposes how the Obama administration is simultaneously arguing that financial recessions take longer to recover from and so that explains our lackadaisical recovery, yet they also forecast high economic growth in order to say that it won't matter if he raises taxes on the wealthy. Contradictory theories are not going solve our economic problems.

Paul Ryan's House budget doesn't cut spending; all it does is not raise it as much as Obama would.

A whistle-blower exposes how Illinois Democrats forced state employees to engage in political activity. That's against the law, by the way.

Cheating hits the Scrabble national competition.

For all the attention to Joe Biden's ever-increasing list of stupid statements, let's not forget that his boss has a long history, mostly ignored by the media, of dumb statements.