Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cruising the Web

Guy Benson has the five facts you can use to refute the Democrats' "Lie of the Year." James Pethokoukis does it for you in under 100 words. If you want a more in-depth response, read Yuval Levin. And now there is a new Super PAC devoted to defending Paul Ryan. Joseph Rago explains the history of the premium-support idea to reform Medicare and how it was originally supported by Democrats and why it's our only hope for keeping our promises to seniors while containing costs.

Oh, isn't that just a shame: Obama complains that Michelle doesn't get paid as First Lady. Apparently, all those taxpayer-funded vacations aren't enough.

Is Chicago really the example that we need of what makes America great? Obama thinks so. Has he checked out their murder rate recently? Their fiscal situation? Their schools?

Here's the GOP strategy of how to push back on Democratic attacks on Medicare based on last year's special congressional election in Nevada. They can respond to Democratic attacks by going on the attack based on Obamacare.

The Washington Post read the long New Yorker profile on Paul Ryan so you don't have to.

Mary Katharine Ham has seven poll results on Paul Ryan that might surprise you. I think most of these polls on Ryan are pretty questionable. People just don't know much about him yet. First impressions can change. But it's still fun to check them out since we don't have a time machine to jump ahead and find out what people really are going to think about him by November 6.

Human Events looks at the top five underrated presidents.

John Lott explodes Obama's claim that his administration has created 4.5 million jobs. And here is a correction of the math of Obama's tax gurus that he keeps quoting to attack Romney.

Wolf Blitzer holds Debbie Wasserman Schultz's feet to the fire when she lies about Ryan's plan on Medicare. Good for him. Boy, she sure comes off as such a dummy every time she's out there mouthing Democratic talking points without any understanding of the actual facts. And they picked her to be head of the DNC because they thought she was so great on TV!

Soledad O'Brien gets caught on camera literally getting her Talking Points Memo.

Victor Davis Hanson wonders why some of the left's supposedly best and brightest writers are plagiarizing and then getting away with it. Or lie about such subjects as their taxes or some other political talking point.

The Obama campaign keep sending out scared emails to raise money. Most recently they sent out an email worrying about the size of crowds to see Romney and Ryan in North Carolina. The Republicans pulled in over 15,000 people while a Joe Biden visit to Durham yesterday got around 900 out to hear him. Are they posing as being behind or do they know something?

Obama still seems to believe that people get wealthy because they're lucky or fortunate, not because they're "smart" or "hardworking."