Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cruising the Web

I was so excited about the Ryan pick that I could barely sleep last night. Finally, I can support Romney without holding my nose. I think he made a gutsy choice. I hope that the election will now focus on the ideological choice before us rather than on the silly attacks that we've seen in recent weeks.

As Fred Barnes writes, this choice tells us a lot about Romney. He's not Tom Dewey. This man fights. And he recognizes his own shortcomings.

I've always thought that since the Democrats will attack Romney on the GOP House Budget plan anyway, why not have the guy who knows the most about that budget and is the best spokesman for defending it? Democrats might end up regretting what they had wished for.

As James Pethokouikis writes, this will indeed be an election that represents a "conflict of visions."

You can revisit this piece from a few days ago on why Paul Ryan appeals to Mitt Romney. He's just the sort of smart, innovative thinker that Romney liked working with at Bain.

When you hear the Democrats saying that the Ryan plan ends Medicare, just refer to this. And read why Avik Roy says that Mediscare won't work against Romney and Ryan. Both Obama's and the Wyden-Ryan plan reduce Medicare spending. The difference is in how they do it.

Heh. Just last year Bill Clinton told Paul Ryan that if he wants to work to reform Medicare, "Give me a call."

Priorities USA, Obama's Super PAC has been planning for months the sort of attack ads that they used in the Joe Soptic ad accusing Romney of being responsible for Soptic's wife dying of cancer. And they have more attack ads already in the can including connecting Bain to suicides. Lovely.

And Barack Obama can't escape the taint of the Priorities USA ad or Harry Reid's attacks. His silence makes him complicit.

But the ad and its controversy has not had the effect on the polls that Obama would have wished.

According to Stephen Hayes, one of Paul Ryan's hobbies is noodling. It should come in handy during the debate with Biden.

Life imitates the Simpsons.

So that is what that music was at the Romney-Ryan rollout.

Obama's ad on Romney's taxes is so dishonest that it has sputtering in contempt.

America's Comeback Team: