Friday, August 10, 2012

Cruising the Web

Yes, indeed. The Democrats are postmodern.
The entire theory of the Obama campaign seems to be that the more outrageous the claim the better, because the more you repeat it the more the media will talk about it, and the lie will achieve a kind legendary truth.
Nancy Pelosi is now communing with dead women. Hillary Clinton communed with Eleanor Roosevelt. And people thought Nancy Reagan was a kook for consulting an astrologist.

Byron York argues that the timing of Romney's VP announcement depends on whom he picks. If he picks someone that the GOP base likes, he can wait until closer to the convention. If he picks someone that people won't be excited about like Portman or Pawlenty, he has to announce the choice sooner to build up some excitement.

Since businesses are worried about how the costs of Obamacare will affect them, is it any wonder that they're holding off on hiring new employees?

Krauthammer argues that Romney needs to run against Obama's ideology; just running against his competence won't get the job done.

Peggy Noonan is right. We don't need to worry about being like Europe when we have California as a salutary lesson of what happens when Democrats run the government.

While the political world obsesses over an ad detailing a sad story that really has little to relate with Mitt Romney, the New York Times tells a new story about some hidden personal charity that Romney did to help one couple keep their house.

Obama worries that the media isn't praising and helping him enough.