Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cruising the Web

Congratulations to Ted Cruz. That was an impressive win and turnaround since the primary. It demonstrates the power of tea party voters in GOP primaries. Even the Washington Post is noticing that the Republicans have a stable now of rising stars who are non-white and conservative and that, if Romney should lose this year, 2016 might see a Democratic candidate like Andrew Cuomo or Martin O'Malley going up against a GOP minority candidate such as Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal.

Is Paul Ryan the Jack Kemp of this generation?

Obama likes to take credit for everything, but says that business owners shouldn't take credit for their own success.

Elizabeth Warren thinks we should invest more of our money in infrastructure so we can be more like China. I guess she doesn't know about China's ghost cities.

Newsweek's definition of toughness is when a Republican stands up to conservatives in his own party.

When even Aaron Sorkin doesn't buy your argument about having to raise taxes on the rich, maybe your argument is just lame.

It's telling the differences in what Obama and Romney admire about Israel. Obama admires Israel's socialist past and respects their positions as victims of the Holocaust and terrorism. Romney admires Israel's capitalist future.

The true lessons of the auto bailout.

The true story of Britain's national health service.

Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz lament the state of comedy today when there is a backlash against any comedian who dares to make a joke about Obama. Today the edgiest area of comedy is making jokes about Obama. Interestingly, Carvey says that the angle he has found to impersonate Obama is the way that Obama builds straw men arguments and then knocks them down and acts like he scored brilliant debate points.

This is how women are now getting jobs in Egyptian television - they've created a television station run only by women clad in niqabs - the clothing that allows only a woman's eyes to be exposed.

The real facts on how much different groups of people are seeing their income decline.

Observe how the Obama administration has backtracked on Obama's statements during the 2008 election that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. It's really painful to watch Jay Carney attempt to weasel out of answering a direct question about that.

Why all but two or three convention speeches won't matter to anyone except those whose minds are already made up.

Oh, boo hoo! Regular public schools are losing students due to the growth of charters.

Kathleen Sebelius could benefit from reading some Milton Friedman. Then she would understand that there is no such thing as free contraceptives. But she wants to win votes from women by telling them that Obama has gotten them "preventive care and contraception" totally "free of charge." If Obama can do that, why should he stop there? Why isn't he getting women food and rent "free of charge"?

Oh please. ABC speculates that Ann Romney's horse could decide when Romney announces his vice presidential announcement because his wife will still be in London through August 9 if her horse performs well. Romney wasn't going to make his announcement early in August while the Olympics are going on.

Teachers unions are sending intimidation letters to schools participating in Louisiana's voucher program threatening to sue them. Basically, their response is "nice school you got here."

Obamacare by the numbers.

Despite being understaffed, 70% of small business owners surveyed respond that they have no plans to add to their hires.