Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The real outsourcer in this race

The GOP is striking back against the outsourcing accusations that the Democrats have been lobbing against Romney by pointing to Obama as the "outsourcer in chief." Using taxpayer money supposedly meant for a stimulus here at home to create jobs overseas has got to be more aggravating than running ads that nonpartisan sources decry as deceptive. I just don't know why it took the GOP so long. They also have to do more than send out Reince Priebus and debut a website. They need to run their own ads in the same places that Obama was running his. And once again, this will play to Obama's weaknesses on trust.

Why did we give almost a billion dollars of federal grants to companies run by the Russian government just last year alone? Talk about out-sourcing. No wonder even liberals are criticizing Obama for his record on outsourcing.


mark said...

Obama's weaknesses on trust?

That might be a good strategy if the repub candidate weren't Romney.
However, with Mitt flipping his stand on women's rights, gay rights, the healthcare mandates and climate change, and with his lies regarding his time at Bain and his secrecy about stashing millions overseas, repubs might want to rethink the "trust" strategy.

equitus said...

mark is a reliable compendium of DNC talking points and narratives. Most of us know the real stories already. Romney's not perfect and not a first choice. We also - now - know a lot more about Obama. The choice is pretty clear.